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9 Most Costly Vodka Manufacturers to Add to Your Celebration Bar At this time

9 Most Costly Vodka Manufacturers to Add to Your Celebration Bar At this time

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While single malts and vintage wines are often the drink of choice at luxurious restaurants and bars, some of the most expensive vodka brands have been carving out a niche for themselves. Known for their use of the finest ingredients and an extravagant distillation process, the vodka created by these renowned brands exudes exceptional refinement and smoothness with each pour, reflecting their masterful craftsmanship.

An expensive vodka with exquisite-tasting notes is typically served in a cold glass with just a couple of ice cubes to accentuate the flavours. Such top-shelf premium labels have high price tags for their exclusivity and a very refined and traditional way of making the drink. However, for those new to this segment, the colourless and odourless vodka is commonly mixed with cranberry juice and tomato juice and is available in a variety of flavourings.

Some of these costly vodka brands have also released limited-edition offerings, creating standout pieces. The bottles may come studded with precious stones or accompanied by diamonds and a golden dog tag, while the spirit may be infused with gold leaf flakes. The niche realm of premium vodka has big players catering to the discerning likings of takers.

From Belvedere Vodka to Russo Baltique Vodka, top-tiered brands are not only experimenting but are also setting the bar high with their lavish spirits.

These are some of the most expensive vodka brands in the world

Royal Dragon

Price: USD 5.5 million

This Hong Kong-based brand gives luxury drinking a precious touch. Its most high-end offering, Eye of The Dragon, is not only a regal pour but is a superior expression of traditional recipe, craftsmanship and innovation.

The unique bottle, containing vodka infused with 23k edible gold leaves, is coated with 18-carat gold and sealed with a GIA-certified 50-carat round intense yellow diamond, worth USD 4.6 million, according to a 2018 Prestige Online article. Carrying six litres of premium Russian alcohol and featuring a dazzling dragon motif, the bottle boasts an additional 15,000 diamonds that weigh a total of 620 carats, states the publication.

Most expensive vodka brands- Royal Dragon
Image: Courtesy Royal Dragon

The brand’s Royal Dragon Superior vodka is another scintillating bottle. Made from the choicest winter rye, with traditional distillation through a century-old copper pot and a charcoal chamber, followed by a five-time filtration process, the superior liquor is smooth, pure and luxe. The hand-blown bottle with a dragon motif inside is also a stellar piece covered in 23-carat gold leaves.

Leon Verres Billionaire Vodka

most expensive vodka in the world Leon Verres Billionaire Vodka
Image credit: Leon Verres

Price: USD 3.75 million

In 2015, the brand, owned by luxury designer Leon Verres, unveiled the world’s most expensive vodka — the Billionaire Vodka. This gourmet drink comes in deep black faux fur with a fitting fur hood. It is studded with almost 2,000 diamonds set in gold.

The Billionaire Vodka bottle holds 18 litres of premium alcohol made by using a historic recipe from the Russian Tzar’s times. This method involves filtering natural spring water through the ice, birch charcoal and crushed diamonds, resulting in a triple distillation process.

This costly brand is also a well-known name in the league of luxury couture dresses, shoes, cards and drinks.

Russo-Baltique vodka

Most expensive vodka brands- Russo Baltique
Image: Courtesy Dartz Motorz

Price: USD 1.3 million

One of the most expensive vodka brands in the world, Russo-Baltique vodka made headlines in 2018 after the diamond-encrusted bottle of its costliest vodka was stolen from a bar in Denmark and later found empty at a construction site. According to Luxe Digital, the bottle was made to commemorate the car brand Russo Balt’s 100th anniversary. Made of bulletproof glass, it is encased in a vintage flask made from the radiator guards from vintage Russo-Baltique automobiles.

The bottle is particularly recognisable as it featured in the third season of House of Cards (2013-2018).

But, this is not the only highlight of this top-notch brand. In 2011, Russo-Baltique vodka released ten bottles of authentic-tasting alcohol in gold casing, reportedly priced at USD 740,000. The flask mimics the radiator of a vintage car, while the top is studded with a regal Eagle motif. Those who bought it were also given a Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV.

Diva premium vodka

Most expensive vodka brands- Diva
Image: Courtesy Diva

Price: USD 1 million

Staying true to its name, this expensive vodka brand makes bottles that are stylish and elegant. Featuring a gem-encrusted bracelet in its middle, each Diva premium vodka bottle also carries a stunning hand-filled wand with Swarovski crystals, which can be removed as a keepsake or for gifting purposes. The bottles are available in three iterations — blue, green and pink— made from sapphires, emeralds and peridots.

Reportedly priced at about USD 1 million, the super-premium vodka brand, quite a celebrity favourite, makes its spirits “from premium English Grain Vodka and seven times filtered to give a smooth and pure taste,” says the Diva website.

Kors Vodka

Most expensive vodka brands- Kors
Image: Courtesy Kors Vodka

Price: USD 24,500

One of the most expensive vodka brands in the world, Kors Vodka uses a century-old recipe of Tsar Nicholas II (former emperor of Russia) to create the Kors Vodka 24k, George V Edition, according to the brand’s website. To create the best and most authentic vodka, the Tsar used solid gold pipes to distil and semi-precious stones as filters.  Till now, only 250 bottles have been produced.

Today, the brand has four bottles, each with its own distinct price tag, all carrying the same legacy forward and can be customised with gold flakes. This opulent drink comes in a handmade crystal bottle container nestled in a polished walnut case.


Price: USD 10,000

Absolut vodka needs no introduction as one of the most sought-after vodka brands in the world. With bottles ranging in various price pockets, it caters to the tastes of every epicurean enthusiast.

According to reports, in 2011, Swedish designers Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart joined hands to create the special edition Absolut Black Pinstripe Crystal. Tagged at about USD 10,000, only 10 such lavish bottles were produced, which were hand-blown and hand-cut, as well as engraved using high-quality crystal. Reports also state these black ones were presented in handmade treasure chests, wrapped in pinstripe fabric and accompanied by two matching crystal tumblers. Another 700 non-black iterations were also made, which were tagged at about USD 1,500.

According to Luxe Digital, the Swedish brand has a global appeal for its flavour profiles and smooth vodka experiences. The alcohol is produced from local wheat in the town of Åhus in Sweden and is smooth enough to drink neat or used in cocktails to enhance the sweeter notes.

Belvedere Vodka

Price: USD 7,240

One of the most loved and popular vodka brands in the world, Belvedere Vodka is made by Master Rye Distillers using a 600-year-old vodka-making tradition. The extensive making process uses Polish rye and purified water, says Parade. Luxe Digital mentions, “It’s distilled using a four-column still process and local, Polish water before being charcoal filtered and bottled.”

In 2011, at the Cannes Film Festival, the LVMH-owned label unveiled a bear-shaped bottle, reportedly priced at USD 7,240. The elegant, translucent plexiglass bottle was the result of a collaboration between the vodka brand and DJ Jean-Roch.

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Approved by James Bond, Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton, Belvedere vodka is best drunk on the rocks, which enhances the flavours of vanilla, white pepper and spices, or even clotted cream.

OVAL Vodka

most expensive vodka oval vodka swarovski
Image credit: Oval Vodka

Price: USD 6,922

Oval Vodka sits in the upper echelons of expensive vodkas, and its limited-edition OVAL Swarovski Crystal is a scene-stealer. According to a 2008 report, the bottle is studded with 7,000 crystals and was released for some of the most high-end nightclubs in London.

While the dazzling bottle is what captures attention, the vodka inside is also scintillating. Made from 100 per cent pure wheat and bottled using a patented process, the drink has a smooth texture and light taste.


Most expensive vodka brands- Beluga
Image: Courtesy Beluga Epicure

Price: USD 6,600

The expensive Russian vodka brand Beluga is the result of a pristine environment and natural conditions at the Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia, which was reportedly first established in 1900.

The gourmet drinks are produced from 100 percent wheat grain, followed by quartz sand filtration and a 30-day resting period, ensuring top-quality vodka. According to Luxe Digital, the brand adds honey, milk thistle and oats after distillation to impart new flavours before final packaging.

In 2017, Beluga teamed up with luxe crystal house Lalique to create a limited-edition decanter inspired by the motifs of the female, flora and fauna. According to Forbes, only 1,000 decanters were made available, of which one was unveiled in 2016 and sold for charity to raise funds for the Naked Heart Foundation. Each bottle was made in a workshop in France and polished to perfection by a master polisher.

(Hero and featured image credit: Alvis Taurēns/Unsplash)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

-Which are the most expensive vodka brands?
Some of the most expensive vodka brands include Royal Dragon vodka, Leon Verres, and Russo-Balrique, among others

-Which is the most expensive vodka?
Priced at USD 5.5 million, the Eye of the Dragon vodka by Royal Dragon is the most expensive vodka in the world. It is closely followed by the Billionaire Vodka, priced at USD 3.75 million.

-What are the top 5 brands of vodka?
Tito’s Handmade, Grey Goose, Beluga, Absolut and Ketel One are some of the top vodka brands which are extremely popular.

-Which alcohol is very costly?
High-end wines, whisky, scotch and vodka are some of the most expensive alcohols.

Source: Prestige Online

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