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All of the Feuds and Scandals on Movie star Huge Brother 2024

All of the Feuds and Scandals on Movie star Huge Brother 2024

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 has catapulted back onto our screens with a bang, inviting a fresh batch of celebrities into the infamous house. This year’s lineup is a vibrant mix of personalities, featuring everyone from seasoned television presenters and veteran reality stars to acclaimed actors and musicians. The series, now airing on ITV and slated to conclude on March 22, has not only retained its core fanbase but has also attracted new viewers, leading to impressive ratings that underline its status as a must-watch reality spectacle.

Celebrity Big Brother has always been a hotbed for feuds and scandals, and the 2024 season is no exception. With tensions running high and alliances forming and breaking in equal measure, the house has become a battleground of egos and strategies. High-profile spats have already emerged, involving figures such as Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, stirring up significant public and media reaction. These controversies, alongside the housemates’ attempts to navigate the choppy waters of public opinion and the ever-watchful eye of Big Brother, ensure that the narrative remains as unpredictable and engaging as ever.

Following a dramatic start, the Celebrity Big Brother house has seen its share of exits, thinning the ranks of its star-studded lineup. To date, the evictions have included Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Levi Roots, Lauren Simon, and Gary Goldsmith, each leaving behind a unique imprint on the show’s dynamics. Meanwhile, those who have managed to continue their on-screen journey include Bradley Riches, Colson Smith, David Potts, Fern Britton, Louis Walsh, Marisha Wallace, Nikita Kuzmin, and Zeze Millz. Additionally, Osbourne holds a special place as the “Celebrity Lodger,” adding an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the proceedings.

The biggest feuds and scandals on Celebrity Big Brother 2024

1. Sharon Osbourne mocks other British celebrities

As Celebrity Big Brother’s first-ever “celebrity lodger,” Sharon Osbourne made sure her screen time mattered. Though the former X-Factor judge’s stay wasn’t for long, she has already name-called several celebrities, including pop singer Adele. The 71-year-old brutally even mocked fellow talk show hosts including James Corden and Ellen DeGeneres, during a scathing conversation with fellow contestants, Gary Goldsmith, and Louis Walsh.

“When my friends talk about people they know or people they’ve met, they always take the mick and say, ‘Well, if you drop the names, I’ll pick them up for you,’” Gary said. To this, Sharon replied, “I’ll tell you who does that, James Corden. He does that all the time,” adding,  “I go to him, ‘I really like your shoes,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, Stella McCartney.’ I’m like, I didn’t ask you who made them. I just said I like your shoes. He played the L.A. game really well.”

Agreeing with her, Sharon’s former X Factor co-judge and longtime friend Louis said, “Kissing all the right people. Anna Wintour, mwah, mwah.” “Oh, she loves him, loves him. But who loves Anna Wintour? I think she’s the C-word,” Sharon said. Louis agreed, saying, “Yeah, she is.” He then proceeded to ask about her opinion of Ellen DeGeneres. Upon hearing her name, Sharon gestured herself vomiting.

Adding to her tirade, Sharon claimed that Adele tended to exaggerate her English accent, calling her “fake.” She even mockingly mimicked the ‘Hello’ singer and said, “Oh, love, oh, I’m Adele; I’m so English.” But, the AGT star was left unimpressed as she said, “It’s like, cut the crap – you don’t talk like that anymore. Just sing, just be true to who you are. But she does all this old English, you know?”

2. Louis Walsh’s comments on Jedward

Irish pop singers Jedward took to social media to clap back at Walsh after he told his fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates the duo were “vile”. The twins, who were mentored by Walsh on the X Factor show in 2009, called his comments “spiteful and disrespectful”.

The feud erupted when actor Colson Smith asked Walsh what Jedward were like. “They were vile… I done five million quid with them, I swear on my mother’s life,” he replied. “They were vile, they were novelty, they were great for the show.” The ITV show’s live audience could be heard booing and chanting “Get Louis out” before the results of the episode’s eviction vote were announced. However, he was saved in the public vote, with Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon leaving instead.

John and Edward Grimes were teenagers when they appeared on The X Factor and were later managed by Walsh. In a series of posts on X, they called him “cold-hearted” and said he “didn’t even send us flowers when our mom died”. They added: “Louis reopened these wounds all by himself by being spiteful and disrespectful we aren’t going to have our character taken. Justice will be served.”

3. Fern Britton’s ‘brutal’ takedown of Ekin-Su

Viewers were taken aback by Fern Britton’s harsh critique of Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu on the reality TV show, diverging from the expected camaraderie. Despite an initial bond, tensions arose, leading to mutual nominations and Diary Room complaints. A face-to-face nomination highlighted Britton’s concerns over Ekin-Su’s reactions to Love Island mentions, describing her as a “dangerous opponent” and suggesting a facade.

“I don’t get you, you don’t get me,” Britton said, adding: “I sometimes feel like you’re wearing a mask. You absorb other people’s personalities so easily. You say that I haven’t asked you any questions but when I have I don’t find the answers that enlightening. I feel like I don’t know the real you, and that has disappointed and disturbed me.”

Levi Roots and Ekin-Su were the latest housemates to be evicted from the house. The double eviction was announced on Friday night (March 15), after Levi and Ekin-Su faced the public vote alongside Britton, David Potts, and Louis Walsh.

Audience reactions to the Celebrity Big Brother 2024 feuds

Watch this space for more updates on the feuds and scandals on Celebrity Big Brother 2024.

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