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All of the Ideas we had Whereas Watching Love is Blind Season 6

All of the Ideas we had Whereas Watching Love is Blind Season 6

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Dust off your champagne flutes and prepare for a whirlwind journey through the corridors of modern romance, as Love is Blind season 6 returns to our nearest screens. This season, the stakes are higher, the emotions more raw, and the drama absolutely unrivalled, solidifying its place as the wildest, most intriguing ride on reality TV. Ahead of the upcoming season 6 finale of Love is Blind, we take a look back at all the drama that has taken form from pod to paradise.

At its heart, the show remains a fascinating experiment, challenging singles to find love based on deep connections rather than physical appearances. This radical approach to dating has once again captivated audiences worldwide, proving that when it comes to matters of the heart, sight is but a mere player on the stage of love. As each episode unfolds, viewers are treated to an eclectic mix of personalities, heartbreaks, and love stories that redefine our understanding of what it means to be truly blind in love.

As we delve deeper into Love is Blind season 6, it’s evident that this season is set to outdo its predecessors with its sheer unpredictability and emotional depth. From Chelsea Blackwell comparing herself to Megan Fox to Jeramey Lutinski repeating Laura Dadisman’s “bean dip” joke, let’s recap everything that’s made headlines this season and all that we’re expecting for the Love is Blind season 6 finale.

All the scandalous things that happened on ‘Love is Blind’ season 6

1. Matthew Diuliba leaves the pods “mid-conversation”

Love is blind season 6
Matthew was seen walking out silently in the middle of a conversation. (Image: Netflix)

Viewers were quick to cast 37-year-old senior financial advisor, Matthew Diuliba, as this season’s first villain when he seemingly walked out in the middle of a conversation with contestant Sarah Ann. The segment was followed by a montage of Matthew exhibiting a slew of disrespectful dating moments which included preparing specific questionnaires for his dates but getting offended when he was asked to answer.

In addition to his questionable behaviour, two of the women he was shown to pursue on the show —  Amber and AD — alleged that when they began comparing Matthew’s responses to each of them, they realised that he had been promising them the exact same things. When AD confronted Matthew about this, he walked out of the show, saying he was pursuing Amber.

While the internet was convinced Matthew was the culprit, the financial advisor took to Instagram to share his side of the story. “Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol-free lifestyle and did the experiment sober,” Matthew wrote from his personal account. “It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There were also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”  Sarah Ann, who was one of the women Matthew was shown walking out on, confirmed his claim, writing on her Instagram Story, “Nope, he did not. I’ll let Matt speak on that but we are good.”

Matthew might not be on the show but TBH, we’d love to hear his version of the story on the Love is Blind season 6 finale!

2. Clay Gravesande asking his dates about their physical appearance

While Clay clearly hits it off with Amber “AD” Desiree in the pods, the earliest indication he’s a red flag comes with his initial line of questioning on the show. Not only does the 31-year-old entrepreneur insist on knowing how AD looks “physically”, but he also tells her that he would never allow her to “be out of shape” and proceeds to make plans for them to go gymming when she’s pregnant. Despite the glaring sexism, the two go on to get engaged and are still one of the strongest couples on Love is Blind season 6 and on the way to the grand finale.

3. Chelsea Blackwell and her Megan Fox comparison

Since Netflix unfurled the drama of Love Is Blind season 6 on Valentine’s Day, Chelsea Blackwell has been the talk of the town — or more accurately, the target of the tweetstorm. In the heart of the pod, Chelsea, a seasoned flight attendant, casually dropped that folks would often mistake her for Megan Fox’s doppelgänger, thanks to her raven locks and sapphire eyes. Jimmy Presnell, her would-be beau, wasn’t buying it and cried foul when the big reveal didn’t match his MGK-level expectations.

Enter stage left: Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox’s former husband, who brought a dash of chill to the fiery debate. With the wisdom of someone who’s seen it all, he shrugged off the controversy, likening it to his own encounters with people claiming he’s Owen Wilson’s long-lost twin. “You live and learn,” he told TMZ, suggesting Chelsea’s comment was likely a mix of lighting, makeup, and perhaps a sprinkle of wishful thinking.

Chelsea, for her part, has been quick to reflect on the pod pandemonium, telling Glamour that chatting about looks was not her finest hour, especially since it flies in the face of the show’s blind-love ethos. But Brian Austin Green waved off any need for apologies to Fox, betting that Megan would be “flattered by the comparison.” While diplomatically dodging the who-looks-like-who debate, he didn’t shy away from singing Fox’s praises, declaring her beauty unparalleled in a world full of look-alikes and near-misses. So, as the dust settles, it seems the lesson here is clear: in the world of Love Is Blind, it’s not just the love that’s blind, but sometimes, the comparisons are too.

4.  Drama in the Dominican

The engaged couples’ arrival at the Dominican Republic unearthed a fresh layer of drama. While Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre had yet to cross swords at this point, she expressed concerns about tying the knot without her father’s blessing. Yet, their dreamy, PDA-filled dates seemed closest to a conventional couple when compared to the others. Although netizens were uncomfortable about Johnny’s views of Amy not being on birth control, it didn’t seem to create any sort of squall between the two.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Jimmy were navigating the aftermath of their own tempest, with Chelsea voicing her need for validation amidst turmoil. It wasn’t that Chelsea’s dips into sadness were unwarranted, especially given her history with less-than-stellar partners. Acknowledging one’s emotions as valid yet personal was her battle; she seemed to advocate for an acknowledgment of hurt if she felt wounded, regardless of the objective truth. Their resolve to sidestep future fracas seemed shaky at best, especially during a conversation that seemed more about convincing themselves of their impending marriage than anything else.

Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham, on the other hand, were seen engaging in a mature dialogue about the realities of raising black children, with Kenneth seeking assurance beyond Brittany’s past dating history. Their connection, though sweetly sealed with a fist-bump, later wavered under an awkward silence during a boat date. The ominous background music hinted at looming heartache.

The third LIB couple Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski, however, faced their first real test over the now-infamous Bean-Dip Gate, with Jeramey retreating into silence and Laura grappling with the fallout of a repeated joke. Jeramey’s subsequent admission of fault, blaming his “dumb—s ego,” offered a glimmer of hope for reconciliation, despite Laura’s growing reservations about their future.

The group gathering unveiled more intimate details: Chelsea, Laura, and AD had taken their relationships to the next level a.k.a. sex, while Amy and Johnny proceeded with caution, mindful of financial readiness for parenthood.

5. Here comes real life

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In the latest Love Is Blind twist, the second-strongest couple quickly became the season’s first breakup. Brittany revealed a unique problem: Kenneth seemed more in love with his phone than her. The all-important spark was missing, which inevitably led to their split. Kenneth’s attempt at a heartfelt breakup didn’t quite land, especially considering his decision to return to his phone while Brittany cried.

Meanwhile, Laura and Jeramey’s relationship hit a snag over a DM from Sarah Ann. While Jeramey initially sat in silence when Laura confronted him over his late-night chat with Sarah Ann, he eventually proceeded to gaslight her over the entire incident. To the extent, Laura alleges that Jeramey may have cheated on her with Sarah Ann. This marked the potential second breakup of the season.

Chelsea and Jimmy, on the other hand, claimed to excel in communication; yet their talks often ended in arguments. Tensions arose after Jimmy neglected Chelsea’s need for emotional connection. The duo tried to make up, but all their reconciliation episodes seemed to result in moot points, as they ended up pushing the other away.

Amidst these turbulent tales, Clay’s confession about his father’s “infidelity trips” shed light on his own fears of fidelity. The confessions led to discussions with AD about the possible future of their relationship, though, considering the manner in which the montages were aired, with ominous music in the background, it would appear that the audience is being we’re all just being set up to watch them fail!

Amy and Johnny faced their own challenges, mainly around their financial readiness for children. Despite these concerns, a family dinner with Johnny’s relatives provided some much-needed hope, setting the stage for their relationship to settle into stability in stark contrast with the others.

6. When the couples met the evicted contestants

love is blind season 6
The 11th episode saw some of the evicted participants return for a get-together. (Image: Netflix)

By the time the 11th episode rolled around, all of the bubbling frustrations had come to the forefront. Trevor, who was initially dismissed from the pods by Chelsea, returned to meet the couples at their party. Sarah Ann and Jess (Jimmy’s pod flame) also turn up for the gathering, making a few of the women uncomfortable and angry. It’s in this same episode that Jimmy confesses that he still liked Jess while Chelsea admits to being attracted to Trevor. We also see Laura confronting Jeramey about his behaviour which only leads to another altercation, but this time, without the likelihood of the couple returning to the altar.

7. Which couples will make it to the end?

As the three surviving couples – AD and Clay, Amy and Johnny, and Chelsea and Jimmy — navigate their way to the altar, one can only hope at least one of them proves to the world that love truly is blind. With the Love is Blind season 6 finale airing on Netflix on March 6, and with the reunion slated for March 12, we can only wait and watch!

(Main and Featured Image credit: Netflix)

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