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All The Conspiracy Theories Round Kate Middleton’s Well being

All The Conspiracy Theories Round Kate Middleton’s Well being

Ever since the vague announcement of the Princess of Wales’s planned abdominal surgery, a storm of conspiracy theories and controversies about Kate Middleton’s health has surfaced on the internet. Her last public appearance alongside Prince William and their three children during the annual Christmas Day walk to church in 2023 only added fuel to the speculative fire.

A day after her hospitalisation, Kensington Palace disclosed that the Princess of Wales underwent  a surgery at The London Clinic on 16 January 2024.

The official statement assured the public of a successful operation, yet hinted at a prolonged recovery period extending into Easter before she would resume public duties. 

While Middleton deserves to recover in privacy after her surgery, the lack of clarity from Kensington Palace has made Royal enthusiasts both curious and concerned.

In stark contrast to the transparency observed during King Charles‘ recent health crisis, Kate Middleton’s recovery has been shrouded in secrecy. While Queen Camilla and other members of the royal family were seen making public visits during King Charles’s hospitalisation, Prince William’s solitary visit to Kate raised eyebrows. 

As fans of the British Royal Family get more invested, we delve deeper into everything that’s been reported and speculated about Kate Middleton’s health and her two-month-long absence from the spotlight.

What’s the controversy around Kate Middleton’s health? 

Picture Credits: Instagram/The Prince and Princess of Wales

Officially, Kate Middleton was hospitalised for planned abdominal surgery on 17 January 2024, which the palace announced a day after the surgery had taken place. The statement also mentioned that she would need until around the end of January to recover and would then be discharged from the hospital to recover at home. 

While social media was abuzz with royal fans wishing a speedy recovery to the Princess, the controversy deepened as time progressed without any further update on her health and the nature of her surgery. Netizens began speculating, from Kate Middleton going into a coma to her mental health being in grave danger. 

Reports of her prolonged hospital stay without any photographic evidence of her departure added to the mystery.

Theories around her surgery

Kate Middleton’s absence in the weeks leading up to the surgery further piqued interest and made fans of the British Royal Family question the nature of her surgery and health condition.

“Didn’t Catherine have events on her calendar that had to be cancelled because of her health? But ‘planned surgery’ just means it wasn’t an emergency. She could have been to the doctor on Friday and booked in for a procedure on Tuesday,” wrote an X user. “Abdominal surgery alone cannot justify a complete communication blackout,” noted another user.

People also questioned the oddity that for someone with access to round-the-clock home care, a 14-day hospitalisation was required. What has further fueled the chatter is the fact that, despite reports of her recovering at home, there has been no photographic evidence of her leaving the hospital or her family and friends visiting her. 

“Why the complete lack of communication? Even a single photograph would suffice to reassure the public,” remarked a third X user questioning the prolonged absence of any communication from the palace.

Kate Middleton’s public engagements 

Middleton’s disappearance from the scene right after Christmas raised eyebrows. Notably, her birthday fell on January 9, preceding the announcement of her surgery. Reports suggested she spent the day ‘being pampered’ at her parent’s house.

However, what struck many observers as odd was the lack of fanfare surrounding her birthday. The absence of celebratory messages on official social media accounts and major publications added to the mystery. 

What has added more curiosity to the conspiracy theories is how Kate’s behaviour during previous health breaks. Fans pointed out that she readily participated in photo opportunities, even shortly after giving birth.

Speculations surrounding mental health

The question of Kate Middleton’s mental health also surfaced, particularly in light of her past struggles with Hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy. Meanwhile, Queen Camilla’s biographer Angela Levin shared – albeit in bad taste – with GBN that because Prince William “had to deal” with his mother Princess Diana’s “crying and screaming” when he was young, he’ll be better equipped to prioritise his wife’s health now that he’s a grown man.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s marriage

kate middleton health
Picture Credits: Instagram/The Prince and Princess of Wales

Speculations regarding the state of Kate’s marriage to Prince William cast another layer of intrigue over the royal controversy. Rumours hint at potential infidelity and strains within their relationship, stirring the curiosity of royal watchers.

Reports of a pervasive cheating narrative involving William and one of Kate’s former friends have surfaced, although their veracity remains uncertain. Royal fans have been questioning photographs capturing moments where the couple appears distant or unhappy, coupled with their increasing participation in solo events.

Additionally, whispers of William’s alleged violent tendencies – he physically assaulted Prince Harry according to Harry’s memoir Spare – have added complexity to the narrative. While these claims are often downplayed or dismissed, sources suggest instances of heated arguments and confrontations between the couple, with reports even alleging physical altercations.

Latest update on Kate Middleton’s health 

Six weeks post her abdominal surgery, a royal staff member provided a rather ambiguous update on Kate Middleton’s health. Following Prince William’s unexpected withdrawal from a royal engagement, a palace aide informed several publications that she is “doing well”.

Adding to the intrigue, William abruptly withdrew from a memorial service for King Constantine of Greece at Windsor Castle, citing a “personal matter,” sparking further speculation. Meanwhile, the official line given to NBC News indicates that the princess “continues to do well”.

It is worth mentioning that updates on the health of royal family members, even vague ones, are historically rare, with the family typically maintaining utmost privacy. In announcing Middleton’s surgery, the palace expressed her desire for her personal medical information to remain private. 

(Main and feature image courtesy: Instagram/The Prince and Princess of Wales)

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