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Amotti Topped the Winner of Netflix’s Bodily: 100 Season 2

Amotti Topped the Winner of Netflix’s Bodily: 100 Season 2

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Physical: 100, the gripping physical competition show on Netflix, concluded its second season on April 2 with an electrifying finale that crowned a new champion, Amotti.

This victory not only showcased the sheer determination and physical prowess of the contestants but also marked a significant moment in the annals of the show. As viewers and fans were keen to discover the Physical:100 Season 2 winner, the competition delivered an intense and unforgettable showdown.

The Final Showdown

The culmination of Physical: 100 Season 2 was a testament to the resilience, strength, and strategy of the remaining contestants. In a series of challenges designed to push the contestants to their limits, the final quest included gripping tasks such as holding onto a rope with a plaster bust representing 40% of their body weight, a gruelling squatting challenge with increasing weights, and a strategic pole push where the final two contestants battled to knock over two pillars.

The Climactic Battle

In the ultimate showdown that determined the Physical:100 Season 2 winner, Amotti faced Hong Beom-seok in a tense and strategic battle. Despite Hong’s initial success in knocking down the first pillar, Amotti’s strategic thinking and physical strength led to a spectacular victory.

With a decisive push, Amotti overturned the odds, securing his win and earning the title of Physical:100 Season 2 winner.

Who is Amotti, the winner of Physical:100 Season 2?

Amotti, whose real name is Kim Jae Hong, is known for his dynamic presence in the fitness world and is a CrossFit enthusiast and prominent figure in the fitness community. With a substantial following for his fitness-focused content, the 31-year-old has inspired many with his dedication to physical health and strength training.

With a competitive spirit that has seen him ranked 24th in the Asian men’s division in 2018 and 727th globally in 2020, Amotti’s prowess on the international CrossFit leaderboard is undeniable. Based in Seoul, he is a familiar face at Sweat on Seoul, a gym that not only serves as his training ground but also as a nexus for fellow competitors and fitness enthusiasts.

His Instagram feed, a vibrant showcase of his workout routines at this facility, serves as a testament to his commitment to fitness and has attracted a considerable following. Alongside fellow Physical: 100 contestants and the gym’s owner, season 1 athlete Caro, Amotti contributes to the dynamic community that Sweat on Seoul has cultivated.

Before making a splash on the show, the fitness guru participated in 쇼미더바디 (translated to Show Me The Body), a bodybuilding competition in South Korea. Despite not winning it, he had reflected on the experience with positivity and gratitude towards his supporters. This journey, documented on his Instagram, highlights the ups and downs of competitive bodybuilding, resonating with many in his audience.

On YouTube, Amotti extends his influence, sharing workout videos that not only demonstrate his dedication but also inspire others. With a notable online presence which includes 136k followers on his Instagram page, Amotti has successfully harnessed social media to share his passion for fitness, earning him a loyal following eager to witness his journey.

Amotti’s journey to becoming the Physical:100 Season 2 winner was marked by his exceptional athleticism, strategic mindset, and resilience, making him a standout contestant and fan-favourite throughout the competition. His victory was accompanied by a cash prize of KRW 300 million (HKD 1.74 million/ USD 222,227).

A Season of Grit and Determination

Season 2 of Physical: 100 has been a showcase of extraordinary physical feats, highlighting not just the contestants’ physical capabilities but also their mental fortitude and strategic acumen. The diverse cast, including seasoned athletes and well-known public figures, provided a compelling mix of competition and camaraderie, making this season of the Korean reality TV show particularly unforgettable.

Physical: 100 Season 2 is now available on Netflix, and offers viewers the chance to experience the thrilling competition and witness the journey of the contestants — from the intense eliminations to Amotti’s triumphant victory. As fans eagerly anticipate future seasons, the legacy of season 2 and its winner will remain a highlight in the history of physical competition shows.

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(Main Image credit: Netflix; Featured Image credit: Amotti/Instagram) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who is the winner of Physical: 100?

The first season winner of the Korean reality show was snowboard athlete Woo Jin-yong, while the second season winner is CrossFit-enthusiast, Amotti i.e. Kim Jae Hong.

Will there be a Physical:100 season 3? 

Although there has been no official confirmation from Netflix, it is likely that the platform will continue to capitalise on the show’s success with a new season. A few publications have claimed that season 3 might debut in April 2025.

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