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Mun Ka Younger, TUMI’s New World Ambassador, Shares Her High Journey Suggestions

Mun Ka Younger, TUMI’s New World Ambassador, Shares Her High Journey Suggestions

We sat down with Mun Ka Young in Singapore to learn about her new role as TUMI’s Global Ambassador and the face of the Asra collection.

The biggest stars from the APAC region gathered at the Sentosa Golf Course in Singapore on 27 March for the unveiling of TUMI’s newest Global Ambassador, Mun Ka Young. The South Korean actress — known for hit shows such as ‘True Beauty’ and ‘Find Me In Your Memory’ — officially joined the TUMI family in a glitzy and elegant affair. Dressed in a chic black gown and accompanied by the Asra Shoulder Bag in Purple Sunset, all eyes were truly on the German-born starlet.

Mun Ka Young stars in her first ever campaign for the lifestyle brand; perfectly capturing the energetic essence of the women’s Asra collection. Directed by C Prinz and shot by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, the shoot took place in Los Angeles — Mun’s first time visiting the city. And definitely an experience to remember. It was also an allusion to the joy of travel, an integral part of TUMI’s illustrious history.

A few hours before the “Discovering Asra” party, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Mun Ka Young herself. Calm, elegant and enchanting, Mun — accompanied by her very own Asra Small Crossbody in Moonlight — shared with us her goals as TUMI’s ambassador, her top travel tip and more.

What are your goals as TUMI’s global ambassador?

I’m looking forward to introducing TUMI’s expanded range of women’s bags. I’ve always been a fan of TUMI as a brand that creates bags and accessories that are built to last and built to perform to the highest standards. Asra is no different — and combines effortless style and timeless beauty with the smartest functionality. I love that the brand continues to innovate and push boundaries, especially in the women’s space.

What characteristics or aspects about TUMI stand out to you and how do you embody or resonate with the brand’s DNA?

Yes, the design is beautiful but the fact that it’s functionality is also amazing is the great balance between the two — which is what the TUMI DNA is. The fact they can capture both the design and functionality. For me, I believe that balance in life is really important. That’s why I think TUMI’s DNA and my life is a lot similar. The brand TUMI has been very familiar to me since I was young thanks to my parents. It means a lot to me that I can be introduced as the face of the collection this time. I’m really excited and expecting a lot about the Asra campaign.

When you look at TUMI, it’s simple but full of details. For the Asra collection, you take a look and you realise that in that simple-looking bag, there’s so many things that can fit in it. There are many small details that they have thought about for the women. The fact that these details are applied in the products remind me of who I am. Because I also love being simple yet if you know more about me, you realise I’m very detail-oriented and love planning.

What was your first ever experience or memory with TUMI?

TUMI is a brand I’ve always kept an eye on, ever since I started travelling a lot and noticing other people’s style and choice of luggage. I love that TUMI bags are both stylish and functional, and always perform to the highest standards so that I can fully focus on enjoying the trip.

What’s your top travel tip?

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The most important thing is to have a to-do packing list! I’m the type of person who needs to write down everything because it’s very time efficient. The fact that I can plan ahead and make sure everything is packed for my trip makes me happy, relieved and comfortable. So that is one tip for travelling.

What is your favourite TUMI bag to bring when you travel?

The luggage that I always carry for work or photoshoots is the 19 Degree Packing Case in Hunter Green. The colour is astonishing and really pops out so it’s easy to find it on the carousel. When I’m travelling, I love carrying the Large Hobo Black from the Asra collection. On my trips, I like to pack and it has a large space to fit everything. Also, it looks great and fits with every style. Inside, the things I need to carry are definitely the lipstick and other small items. TUMI products usually have small pockets on the inside where I can fit in all these items.

Learn more about the TUMI Asra collection HERE.

(All photos by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick for TUMI)

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