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Evaluation: Does the CurrentBody Pores and skin 4-In-1 LED Face Masks Actually Work?

Evaluation: Does the CurrentBody Pores and skin 4-In-1 LED Face Masks Actually Work?

Following the release of the limited edition design celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024, Prestige tried out the LED face mask – and the results are in.

When it comes to skincare, everyone is unique and has different needs, so I certainly don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. As someone with sensitive Caucasian skin that’s either too dry or too oily, and prone to outbreaks, I have learned my lesson well over the years. After a couple of long haul flights or simply trying a new wash or moisturiser, it’s like my skin belongs to a hormonal teenager in a humid desert.

Needless to say, I keep my skincare regime basic and consistent to avoid any turmoil. So when a new trend of product hits the market, I’m usually sceptical or hesitant to try in fear of upsetting whatever eco-system I’m trying to peacefully maintain on my face.

Of course, when LED masks started becoming popular, I was intrigued. However, like many, I do also like instant gratification and results, making Botox a much more favourable anti-aging solution for me. Fortunately, it’s totally fine to use an LED mask with Botox, so when I was asked to sample the CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 LED Face Mask, I thought – why not? As someone who knows my own skin and how temperamental it can be, I’d quickly be able to tell if there was any benefit to the mask – or possibly even side effects.

We put the CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 LED Face Mask ti the test. Photo: Supplied

What is it?

Marketed as the world’s most powerful light therapy device, the CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 LED Face Mask is 109% more powerful than other multi-treatment LED masks. The device features four different light therapy facial treatments in one mask, using five different wavelengths. The 4-in-1 facial treatments include anti-aging, brightening, restoring and zone facial mapping, which strategically delivers specific wavelengths to targeted zones across the face effectively treating a range of skin concerns in one treatment. As cool novelty, I tried the limited edition design celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024.

How easy is it?

I’m all about convenience, and that’s exactly what the CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 LED Face Mask is. The treatments are only 10 minutes long, and you’re only recommended to do it three to five times per week, so it’s certainly not time consuming. The product is perfectly designed to fit over the face, with the side straps easily adjustable for a comfortable fit. To incorporate the treatment into my routine, I used it right before bed – sometimes in bed, sometimes while still watching Netflix. In fact, I probably terrified my neighbours with the brightly lit mask while sipping tea through a straw on my balcony some nights. When charged, it offers 3 hours battery life, so the 10 minute treatments are a breeze. The point is, it’s super easy to use and you can still do other things – you don’t have to dedicate your time exclusively to it.

The CurrentBody Skin 4-In-1 LED Face Mask comes in a limited edition Year of the Dragon design. Photo: Supplied

How does it work?

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Unique Pillow Technology refracts the light, evenly dispersing and delivering complete LED coverage to the skin’s surface. These wavelengths of light are absorbed by the skin cells, causing them to biologically react. This is where cellular rejuvenation happens. Unlike regular LED devices, the Pillow Technology provides an even coverage on the skin’s surface, leaving no gaps. This allows skin cells to effectively absorb the maximum amount of beneficial light energy for the best results possible.

So, does it work?

Here’s the deal: I didn’t think I would notice much difference and thought I’d probably lose interest before the end of the month. That didn’t happen. Instead, I noticed a difference in my skin within days, and that made me want to use the device even more. I first wondered if I was simply having a good few skin days, but it soon became transparent that I was, and am, having a good skin era thanks to this clever contraption. The results are all round – the usual redness got soothed, my skin seems brighter and the spotty problem areas are suddenly behaving. In terms of ant-aging, it’s certainly not going to do what Botox does, but it certainly did delay my next visit to the clinic.

Source: Prestige Online

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