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Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Vivian Azar a Lebanese Superstar & Entertainer, Famous in The Middle East Entertainment World For Her Hit Catchy Phrase  “ Wake Up Everybody ”

Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Vivian Azar a Lebanese Superstar & Entertainer, Famous in The Middle East Entertainment World For Her Hit Catchy Phrase  “ Wake Up Everybody ”

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Vivian Azar is a superstar singer and entertainer from Beirut Lebanon . She is a legendary artist , with a long track of success performing in various singing and dancing events , starring in multiple music videos which were viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the Middle East and Africa . She was first discovered in early 2008 by Jad Choueiri a successful Lebanese singer, producer and music-video director , Jad was behind the launching of a number of stars in the Arab entertainment world . She quickly rose to fame after releasing her first single “EH “ in 2008. Her song had a unique catchy melody and a mind blowing dance performance .

Later during the same year she was honored at the 30th Egyptian Film Festival as the best young female singer of 2008, after having successful reviews for her song “ EH“ becoming a hit on the charts . During that those years the audience were fascinated by her style and songs , she another performance of the song “Zahma” which quickly became extremely famous in Middle East .

In her early years she worked as a fashion model in Lebanon before becoming a big success In the music industry , she knew that one day she will be discovered and the world would appreciate her talent , her determination gave her hope to always pursue success and never give up on her dreams .

Vivian can you tell Lavish Life audience how from being a model at fashion shows in Lebanon you moved to becoming a superstar singer ?

First I want to thank Lavish Life Magazine for this interview and secondly for this great question , from an early age I loved singing and performing . My friends and family gave me confidence to follow my dreams , I thank God for being extremely fortunate seeing my titled song “EH” became a massive success .

Can you please tell us how did you reach greatness getting nominated at the Egyptian Film Festival in 2008?

It all happened thanks to Abdel Moneim Saad , the festival’s representative in Lebanon , he saw my performance , based on his vast experience recognizing talent in the music industry he decided I deserve an award for my accomplishments in my artistic career .

How was your famous song “ EH “ chosen in 2008 ?

Earlier in my career I was nominated for a film called Bas Ward”, which I was going to play the role of a Lebanese singer performing the song “Eh” in the film . When I read the lyrics of “EH “, it made me fall in love with the song instantly , it was by Abdel Moneim Taha , organized by Adel Haqqi and composed by Weam Ismail. The song was compatible with my capabilities and style . There was catchy phrase “ Wake Up Everybody” , my instinct told me that the listeners would love it . Indeed I was 100% percent correct , the song resulted to being a big success .

Tell us what is your future plans ?

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My future plan is to expand globally and achieve my dreams as a superstar singer and entertainer internationally , I am very excited and looking forward to my next big event in Dubai, London, Hollywood , California and Las Vegas Nevada .

What are the last words you want to share with us ?

I want to sincerely thank everyone who gave me love and support , especially those who always wished me well to brighten my entertainment career journey.

It has been a great pleasure interviewing you Vivian Azar and we wish you lots of luck and success on your future international events.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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