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Exclusive Interview With Lebanese Celebrity George Farah A Talented Singer, Makeup Artist & Hairdresser

Exclusive Interview With Lebanese Celebrity George Farah A Talented Singer, Makeup Artist & Hairdresser

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George Farah, is a well known Lebanese celebrity singer from Beirut the famous capital of Lebanon . He is known in the Arab world for the many creative songs and his performance which became instant hits in the Arab World . His famous songs which gained him the most recognition among his fans and audience were “The Meaning of Life , On the Date , The Nationality , Am Yagni , Ya Askar Lebanon and I Love Your Jnounk “ , broadcasted in 2011 on every music radio station and TV channels . He told Lavish Life Magazine that he was extremely grateful to Lebanese talents such as Joe Adam for writing his songs , Elie Abdel Sater for composing and Jack Syriani for organizing it for him . In the beginning of his artistic journey his singing talent was discovered in front of a live audience on a famous TV talent show called “Studio El Fan” in 2001.

George Farah won the gold medal coming first on “Studio El Fan” , he was instantly loved by the audience and the Lebanese media . On the show he sang with major iconic Arab stars such as Kazem El Saher , Nawal Al Zoghbi , Najwa Karam . During his participation at the talent show “Studio El Fan” in 2001 , his performance and voice astonished the crowd. After he had won the first prize with a gold medal , he has gained popularity and recognition , giving him new opportunities participating in several Lebanese series.

George Farah had recently launched a cover with distinctive lyrics of Najwa Karam’s song “Keep in the House” on his official YouTube channel which immediately was loved among his fans . His song had all the key elements , a strong statement , melody and emotion . After that George Farah continued to launch many creative songs on his social media channels which received great love from his audience becoming instant hits , a song such as his comedic song “Wink Ya Dollar”

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George Farah has an impressive track record not only in Lebanon but also internationally; he has toured festivals and concert halls around the world including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and well as Cairo’s Opera House, achieving wide echoes and was widely accepted remarkably by the audience, who interacted with him in his international concert tours.

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