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Exclusive Interview With Polish Entrepreneur Anna Pruska Founder & CEO of Le Petit Luxury Brand in Dubai

Exclusive Interview With Polish Entrepreneur Anna Pruska Founder & CEO of Le Petit Luxury Brand in Dubai

Anna Pruska is a unique self made entrepreneur with an artistic soul, always having a passion for exclusive art and high end fashion, known globally for her extraordinary talent designing luxury bags with handmade crystals. She has a very inspirational story which described her journey to success, explaining that it was not an easy road to success but despite all the challenges she never gave up on her dreams.

Anna Pruska was born in Warsaw the capital of Poland, grew up in the Praga district which is known for being an alternative cool area on the east bank of the river Vistula. During her childhood years she grew up without a father, she was taking care of her small sister and gaining all her experience & knowledge from her single mother Iwona who was her biggest inspiration. In her school years, people acknowledged that she was gifted with artistic creativity and knowledge towards identifying all the latest trends in fashion.

After graduating from high school, she attended university and worked for Avon cosmetics to learn more about cosmetics. At the age of 24 years old she graduated with her masters degree in management & marketing. Later launched her first business which was a beauty salon, in less then 4 year period she established a chain of 3 beauty salons in Warsaw. Despite all her success she always searched for bigger opportunities and challenges so she sold all the beauty salons seeking to enter the world of art and fashion which she loved most. During her break from business, Anna decided to travel and explore the world, however by coincidence a friend convinced her to visit Dubai, when she visited Dubai she felt a special vibe and connection that automatically made her fall in love with the city making it her home.

In Dubai she started her career as a luxury consultant and a fashion model, by 2015 she participated in Top Model, International Beauty contests and was on MTV Lebanon. She humbly described herself as a very lucky person, saying her success was from meeting the right people at the right time helping her achieve her goals. Anna Pruska has become a big success in the luxury bag business with the launch of her brand Le Petit and her limited edition Pop Art collection which are collectibles.

Anna Pruska you are an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs in the fashion business, please tell us what exactly inspired you to enter the luxury bag and art industry ?

As many people know my story, my inspiration was developed from my love towards fashion and art, I wanted to challenge myself to create a brand which would be recognized by its designs and hand made diamonds to give classy woman a hip chic look.

Tell us the story of how Le Petit Brand come to life ?

Le Petite brand concept was born by coincidence, It was pure chance and destiny when my good friend a popular disc jockey in the nightclub scene approached me to specifically create her a unique bag which will make her stand out at an event she was hosting. After the event I got so many positive feedback’s, many people fell in love with the design and style of the bag that I had created and asked me to create them their own custom designed bags.

Fascinating story, is it true Anna that in this exclusive interview with Lavish Life we are the first to hear the details about how Le Petit concept came to life ?

Indeed, Lavish Life is the first to know about the coincidence story with my DJ friend which by accident gave birth to Le Petit. I am extremely happy to share this with your team.

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Is it true many celebrities in the US, fashion icons and models from the fashion industry have been supporting Le Petit bags ?

Yes it is true, I was extremely surprised and fortunate to experience such positive support, so much love and positive feedback from celebrities, models and influential people. I would have never imagined such positive feedback especially from two of my favorite superstars Leyla Milani and Lilly Ghalichi.

It has been a great pleasure interviewing you Anna Pruska and we wish you lots of luck and success with your luxury brand.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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