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George R. R. Martin Reveals 3 ‘Recreation Of Thrones’ Animation Collection Are In The Works

George R. R. Martin Reveals 3 ‘Recreation Of Thrones’ Animation Collection Are In The Works

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Game of Thrones ended in 2019, but Westeros has been expanding far and beyond with many new stories and adventures. George R.R. Martin, the author of the epic book series, revealed, “Nothing is ever dead for good in Hollywood,” and he has three Game of Thrones animated series in various stages of development with HBO.

While details are scanty, the American novelist and screenplay writer wrote in his blog that the series is set in the world of his fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire.

What we know about the ‘Game of Thrones’ animation series

What did George R.R. Martin say?

On New Year’s Eve, Martin penned a blog showing his love for a Netflix animated series, Blue Eye Samurai (2023).

Continuing with the praises, Martin shed light on his line of works. “As it happens, HBO and I have our own animated projects, set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. None of them have been greenlit yet, but I think we are getting close to taking the next step with a couple of them.”

Initially, he had four Game of Thrones (GOT) animated series ideas, of which two were shelved while “work on the other two projects continues apace.”

Despite the two projects being put on hold, the author is far from being disheartened. A hopeful Martin writes, “Those of you who have read my reports in years past may recall that I prefer to say “shelved” rather than “killed”…. a project put on the shelf one year can be taken off the shelf a few years later.”

About the third series

Speaking about the third project, Nine Voyages (the House of the Dragon (2022) prequel), Martin says it has been moved from live-action to animation.

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“A move I support fully. Budgetary constraints would likely have made a live-action version prohibitively expensive, what with half the show taking place at sea, and the necessity of creating a different port every week, from Driftmark to Lys to the Basilisk Isles to Volantis to Qarth to… well, on and on and on.”

It is based on the legendary voyages of the Sea Snake (played by Steve Toussaint in House of the Dragon) as he sets out for Essos. According to EW, Toussaint might not be reprising his role for the prequel, which focuses on the character’s younger self.

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The details about all three GOT series are kept under wraps, with no dates on the horizon. But, the optimist in Martin ends his blog post on a positive note, saying, “But if it does happen, with one or two or all three shows, I hope we can make them as good as gorgeous and gripping as Blue Eye Samurai. We will for damn sure try.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– When will the Game of Thrones animated series be released?
George R.R. Martin has announced three Game of Thrones animated series are in various stages of development at HBO. But, details and information about release dates are not yet available.

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