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Interview With Ewa Lukasinska Founder & CEO of Bloom Ploom Brand in Poland

Interview With Ewa Lukasinska Founder & CEO of Bloom Ploom Brand in Poland

Ewa Lukasinska is a Polish entrepreneur founder of Bloom Ploom Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw the capital of Poland . Her company was established in 2021 and has grown rapidly in a very short period of time around Europe . Bloom Ploom brand is a platform dedicated and focused on awakening the imagination of woman in order to satisfy their basic existential needs that have an integral impact on male female relationships . In the first month of Bloom Ploom impressive strategic marketing launching campaign it reached 40k recipients through only social media . In Poland the Bloom Ploom brand has already been noticed by local radio and television .

Ewa Lukasinska has a very interesting background and has become an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs around Poland . She was born in the northern districts of Warsaw a historic area named Zoliborz which is famous for its many landmarks and museums , including the Muzeum Katynskie in Europe which pays tribute to Polish soldiers executed in 1940 during World War . She was born into a family of entrepreneurs extremely successful in the grand catering business , she graduated from Lazarski University in 2005 with Masters in Economics . From a very young age she always had very big dreams and believed in herself , many people described her as a very unique visionary . After her graduation she decided to explore her opportunities hoping to bring her dreams to reality .

She started her career in the lucrative nightclub industry , gaining endless experience in that challenging sector , working herself to the top and becoming the general manager of the legendary Space night club from 2010 to 2014 . By 2015 Ewa Lukasinska had created herself a legacy and strong media recognition in the nightclub scene of Poland establishing an impressive reputation which led her to become a trusted consultant and advisor for many nightclubs looking to expand and market their venues , advising nightclubs launching in new markets and also had turnaround venues to profitably .

Tell us how did Bloom Ploom brand concept come to life ?
Very good question , my idea of creating Bloom Ploom brand came to life during the pandemic era , I realized that the new normal of shopping and working has been transferred online from home , many people were afraid to leave their homes so they adapted to going online for their daily activities . I saw endless opportunities , I got the indication that it was the perfect timing to launch my business .

What made methods did you implement which helped you achieve this success ?
I studied the project carefully in depth and analyzed many different strategies and creative methods . I was convinced that I had the perfect timing and unique angles to make the brand stand out having a very strong impact in the European Market .

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Tell us what is your future plans ?
My future plan is to expand my brand globally achieving my dreams of grasping a big share in the US market , I am very excited and looking forward to eventually launching a Bloom Ploom branch in Hollywood , California and Las Vegas Nevada .

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