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Interview With Lara Tabet The TV Presenter, Luxury Brand Ambassador, Founder of Arab FashionPreneur Platform & Lara Tabet Beauty Products

Interview With Lara Tabet The TV Presenter, Luxury Brand Ambassador, Founder of Arab FashionPreneur Platform & Lara Tabet Beauty Products

Hollywood , California

Lara Tabet is a Lebanese national, born and raised in Dubai, lived in the US and UK during her upbringing and majored in Hospitality Management in Switzerland. When she graduated, she returned to Dubai to join the family business running hotels owned by her father until she was attracted to join the first English language satellite TV station that was in the process of being set up in Dubai, known as InTV which was subsequently renamed City7 TV. She was procuring and presenting second different shows on her own, namely, Societe, Through the keyhole, In the Know, The Property Show, Articulture, The Yacht Show and City Women which was a live studio based show that aired daily five days a week reaching over ninety million viewers. 

Lara has conducted over 7,000 celebrity interviews covering Hollywood Cinema as well as Bollywood and Arab Cinema. Her interviewees include George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburn, Sharon Sstone, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo Di Caprio, Enrique Iglesias, Leila Alwi, Hala Sidqi, HAla Serbian, Hani Salama, Khalid Yousuf, Tamer Hagras, Amro Diab, Haifa Wehbe, Nicole Saba, Ragheb Alana, Amitabh Bacchan, Yash Chopra, Ferouz Khan, Akbar khan, Sharouq Khan, Rittik Roshan, Ashwaira Rai, Bipasha. Farrah Khan, Anupam Khair, Rekha and notable personalities from business leaders to inspirational personalities such as the  HH the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Makhtoum, Chairman of Emirates Airlines, HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed al Makhtoum, Khalid bin Sulayem, Sultan bin Sulayem, Mohamed Al Abbar, Donald trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr and many more. 

Lara became the de facto face of Dubai and was  approached by luxury brands from Europe to become their brand ambassador which means being the face of the brand as well as supporting business development for the brand. Lara was approached by brands such as Michale Bruggler Watches Marty’s Monte Carlo, Diams Jewelry, Dani by Daniel K, Orme Jewelry, Teami skin care, Valeur Absolue perfume amongst others. 

During the last few years, Lara focused her energies on setting up one of the most powerful women empowerment platforms in the region, where during the Covid period, she invited ten ladies on weekly basis to speak about their journey and their businesses and to connect with like minded women. This platform grew and today Lara has two hundred women under the brand of “Luxury With Lara” who promote women empowerment and contribute to each other’s success. 

Lara is a board member of the UNHCR in the Middle East where they host events on a regular basis in order to raise funds for refugees all over the world she is also a member of the Friends of Red Crescent to help raise funds for children in need. Lara is also involved with the St Jude’s Cancer Hospital for Children in Lebanon as well as promoting the Rashid Center for the disabled in Dubai. She recently launched her latest platform, the Arab FashionPreneur which is a platform to help start ups and established fashion businesses to find potential clients, buyers, investors and partners in the digital age through workshops and networking events.  She is currently in the process of launching Lara Tabet Beauty, her own make up line which will be launched in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai on the 26th of may, 2022 .

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Her journey has been a very fulfilling one and as she says, the only way to make this happen is through the support of her family and rigorous time management. Lara is an early riser. She starts her day with her regular morning meditation routines and has her day planned out with meetings back to back. she believes that time is gold, time is money time is everything. 

Lara’s message to all the women out there is to have a vision, dream and to set goals and targets for yourselves and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Never put your dreams on hold because tomorrow may be too late. Lara’s motto is to work hard, have determination, passion and resilience in everything you do , if your are not passionate about what you do, you will eventually give up when it gets tough , it inevitably will as no journey is without risk. She expressed to Lavish Life that her favorite quote is “never judge a person before walking a mile in their shoes” and “treat others as you want to be treated”.  Lastly, Lara’s parting words were ”sprinkle a little kindness into people’s lives. Kindness is free. It doesn’t cost a thing“

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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