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Interview With Sarah Hariri founder of SH Ventures With its Headquarters in Los Angeles 

Interview With Sarah Hariri founder of SH Ventures With its Headquarters in Los Angeles 

Sarah Hariri a young entrepreneur and founder of SH Ventures LLC, an independent woman born in Beirut Lebanon and raised in the United States, with a passion for becoming a well-known member in the society through her networking and connection with people in different business industries.
Due to her positive attitude and energy she managed to collect strong connections in many fields and execute many challenging projects around the globe . As a result of great opportunities along the way, her points of strength and experience was when she had the chance to work for 7 years in Dubai a luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates known for it’s booming commerce economy , ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene . Dubai is known as the financial center and business hub for the Middle East . There she managed the lifestyle of one of the well reputable royal family members in Dubai and Abu Dubai obtaining the prestigious position of a Senior Executive Personal Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator . This unique opportunity managed to get her an incredible good overview of those two fascinating cities achieving the right balance with a good mix of the iconic attractions she initially planned to experience.

Tell us about yourself Sarah Hariri ?

“I’m addicted to becoming a better version of myself… I must be selfish with my goals”I was born in a warm sunny day in June in Lebanon, grew up with my amazing mother, brother and sister. I am very humble and family oriented , I studied Business administration and graduated from a university in Lebanon , later I traveled to the United States to achieve my dreams of becoming an influential business star , in a way similar to a Hollywood Star but in the business industry .

How did the opportunity of working for the royals of the United Arab Emirates come in your path and your experience living in that iconic Country ?

I always had a vision that I am destined to achieve successful things in life and suddenly destiny took me to United Arab Emirates in 2012where I lived the luxurious life in all aspects , joining the royalty atmosphere and world . I was attending all kind of high-end events, receptions, cocktails, film festivals where I enjoyed the company of many celebrities from all over the world .

Sarah tell us what made you move back to United States ?

I decided to move back to US in 2018 to pursue my journey of success with the goal of expanding my business and connections , achieving my goals and dreams of creating myself a business empire.

What is your speciality in business and what advice do you give to young entrepreneurs wanting to grow their network ?

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I specialize in partnering companies to create harmonious collaborations and business relationships in different industries and sectors dealing with Aviation, Constructions, Oil & Gas, Health, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Fashion, Events and Fine Jewelries. I always have invested my time into connecting with people , connecting with people has been a way of life for me and the key of my success . I am a very big admirer of Porter Gale’s ideology and his fascinating book titled :

“Your Network is your Net Worth – Unlock the Hidden Power of Connection for Wealth, Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age “

 I believe success is all about building relationships, to build revenue opportunities and bring a business challenge to the table , gaining experience of others to offer solutions to that challenge. I cover a wide range of genres helping connect people with their target audience and businesses. I would love to encourage people to reach out to three people a day , this should include showing appreciation , a simple example is pulling out your phone and texting someone you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them how you value them. It’s really all about being thoughtful!

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