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Interview With The Legendary Celebrity Aline Ourfalian a Lebanese Actress , Model & Singer From The Famous Band Four Cats

Interview With The Legendary Celebrity Aline Ourfalian a Lebanese Actress , Model & Singer From The Famous Band Four Cats

Lavish Life Magazine is honored to interview Aline Ourfalian the famous Lebenese actress , singer and arab model who started her successful journey into the entertainment industry since 2005 . Ourfalian grew massive fame from her band Four Cats and for appearing in the movie “The Lion and Four Cats” and the TV series “The World Heck”.

Aline Ourfalian has also been featured in endless magazines , modeling shoots , TV appearances and has been constantly appeared in the Spot Light of the Arab Media and the Arab Entertainment industry . In her early career years she was the former lead vocalist of the famous Arab Lebenese Band formed in her hometown Beirut in the year 1997 called the Four Cats . Aline Ourfalian and her former band members were a big success in Lebanon known and later internationally for their catchy theme phrases and performances .

Four Cats band was widely known for transforming old classic songs to new modern songs with catchy beats and rhythm . They released many hit albums and videos such their billboard music hit “ Ya Antar “ . The band’s talented group members names were Aline Ourfalian , Christine Akl, Morial Ghanem and Ren Ashkar . The founder of the Four Cats was a well known Lebanese composer and singer named Ghassan Rahbani, who wrote and composed some of the bands songs and occasionally made appearances singing with the band , songs such as the famous 2005 hit song “The World Heik”.

Since the formation of Four Cats , the band has maintained its identity as a singing group that revives old classic Rahbani songs and releasing new songs in a modern style for the new generation who do not listen to old classic Lebenese singers such as the old songs of Fairuz .

Aline Ourfalian can you share with Lavish Life some of your most memorable achievements which you enjoyed working on ?

Thank you Lavish Life for asking this question , I have many incredible moments , the one I can recall which I truly loved was the filming of my dance clip mix in 2013 which consisted of four songs: “Do You Dance”, “Ya Antar”, “Ya Nasini” and “Kan al-Zaman”, which was shown on satellite and terrestrial stations.

Aline Ourfalian when did you discover that you you were a talented vocalist and wanted to enter the Arab entertainment industry ?

From my childhood years I always enjoyed singing and performing , I sang constantly sang for my family and at any occasion possible at my school . Everyone I knew always showed me support and gave me encouragement to pursue my talent and be a singer .

Which of your many concerts in the Arab World which was a surprising experience to you ?

It was definitely my concert in Jordan , it was a very cloudy windy day in a public open atmosphere , I was extremely surprised by the audience’s attendance, response and enthusiasm towards our concert , we received so much support and love .

Did you perform any concerts in the Gulf countries ?

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Indeed , I truly loved performing in the Gulf countries , I performed at several concerts in Kuwait and Oman .

Please tell Lavish Life and our international readers why Four Cats renewed old songs in a very modern style?

My band came to a conclusion that the young generation did not listen to classic music such as the legendary Lebanese singer Fairouz , Fairouz classic hit songs rhythm was considered too slow for the new generation , so the talented Ghassan composed it with fast pace modern beats , renewing the musical compositions to give it modern feel to attract the new generation , by doing so Four Cats became a massive success .

It has been a great pleasure interviewing you Aline Ourfalian and we wish you lots of luck and success on your future international events.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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