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Interview With Turkish Talented Designer Nil Gorgulu Founder of NGG JEWELZ Who is Expanding Her Brand Recognition Globally

Interview With Turkish Talented Designer Nil Gorgulu Founder of NGG JEWELZ Who is Expanding Her Brand Recognition Globally

Nil Gorgulu is a Turkish entrepreneur with a passion for creating breathtaking jewelry  , her inspirational success story started from her home based Atelier in the city of Istanbul on May 2011 , where she began creating jewelry designs of woven bracelets blended with high quality metals and stones under her luxury brand NGG Jewelz. Her unique designs and creative talent has transformed NGG Jewelz to become an International recognized brand all around the world.  Her exquisite collections are Arabian inspired where the embroidery is blended with crystals, semi precious stones and hand made enamel gold flowers hand-stitched for every season. 

In the year 2016 she successfully opened her first jewelry shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul . The Grand Bazaar Is historic market built around the the winter of 1455 – 1456 , it is the largest and oldest covered market in the world . From that location NGG Jewelz sales grew rapidly giving Gorgulu the opportunity to expand to new markets . She later conducted extensive research to venture and establish her online presence , which was implemented successfully giving her direct access to new clients in different countries around the world . Gorgulu successfully managed to develop her presence in several European and GCC countries .  In 2020  she launched her second location in Istanbul just before the pandemic.  

At the end of 2020 on a trip to Dubai , by coincidence she decided last minute to visit the world’s largest natural flower garden named Miracle Garden . After seeing the many floral displays at the 72,000 square meter park , this gave her inspiration to design a new collection named “ Fleur Magnifique “ which means flowers . The Fleur Magnifique instantly boosted her popularity and her Earrings necklaces bracelets designs worldwide . The success and demand for her “ Fleur Magnifique “ collection gave her the opportunity to open eight shops with locations in several cities such as Istanbul , Abu Dhabi , Egypt, KSA and recently a new store in Luxembourg .

Please share with Lavish Life readers what was your career before becoming a designer ?

Before I started my journey to become a designer , I was working for the department of Drug regulatory affairs in the Pharmaceutical Industry , which later I left my work to be a full time mother . 

When did you realize that you were talented and who gave you inspiration to pursue designing ? 

From my childhood , I loved design and I knew it was my destiny to become a designer , my inspiration came from my grandmother who played a very important role in my life . I was fascinated by her , I have a vivid memory of her opulence and flamboyant jewelry which led me to designing. Most women like razzle-dazzle jewelry and outfits, especially for big occasions. In our culture and the Middle East they love shiny and exotic jewelry. For me the most important thing while designing of a piece is the fact of details, I am really sensible with it. Our pieces are all made by hand and I like to design flamboyant jewelry with using techniques of embroideries and one of a kind signature. I’m sure that my roots influenced the way that I think and create my designs.

What is your business dream and goals ? 

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My initial  goal was achieved by creating and growing  my brand NGG Jewelz ,  however my ultimate goal and dream is to constantly create and design masterpiece jewelry as I always describe in my motto ” One of a kind signature jewelry.” .  I want all my creations , especially the flower collection to be worn by woman all around the world giving me the recognition as the Queen of Flower Jewelry. 

What advice can you for the many young entrepreneurs ? 

Do what you love ! I think  passion is the key word in here.  You should know what you want, be open minded and follow trends , always double measure your attitude along with your braveness . You should take a lot of  risks and face your fears. They all exist for a reason but they are never unconquerable.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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