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January 2024 TikTok Recap: The Viral Developments You Must Know Proper Now

January 2024 TikTok Recap: The Viral Developments You Must Know Proper Now

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If you’re curious to know what’s trending on TikTok right now, check out our January 2024 TikTok trends report below.

Nowadays, if you want to remain relevant, it’s crucial to stay up to date, especially in the world of TikTok. Being one of social media’s fastest-growing platforms, TikTok has become a massive influence on many individuals. Whatever information you need, this platform most likely has a short video on it. That’s why, every month, we provide our readers a little recap, so you can keep up with the latest trends of the month and stay in sync with your peers or keep up with all the Gen-Zers. 

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The January 2024 TikTok trends you need to know

The Mob Wife aesthetic 


Give us all the mob wife furs #mobwifeaesthetic #vintagefurs

♬ original sound – kayla trivieri

Say goodbye to ‘clean girl’ and hello to ‘Mob Wife.’ This year is all about entering your mob wife era, and let’s just say not everyone can pull this aesthetic off. Think Carmela Soprano in The Sopranos or Netflix’s Griselda. Yes, you could throw on a fur coat over an all-black fit or wear some prints, but without attitude, this look means nothing. 

The 2024 Ins and Outs list 


ins and outs for 2024 🤍🫶🏼 #insandouts #2024 #newyear #newyearnewgoals #wellnessgirl

♬ classic vibes – قصايد

Despite many individuals sharing their New Year Resolutions at the beginning of the year, 2024 is hitting different. TikTok users are now posting their ‘Ins and Outs,’ or what they deem to be acceptable or not. This list includes trends, actions, icks, and more. 

The “yes, and?” trend 


never too cold to serve #yesand #arianagrande

♬ yes, and? – Ariana Grande

After a three-year hiatus, Ariana Grande is back, and her new song, “yes, and?” has taken over TikTok. Content creators are now utilising this cheeky song lyric to pose a question. For instance, users are seen writing questions like “So you catch feelings after the smallest amount of attention” or “Did you put this song on?” The answer at the end is “yes, and?” It’s giving sassy and not bothered. 

Silent reviews 


I loved making this (i have an obsession) #fyp #viral #grwm #makeup #foryou #haul #sephora #glowrecipe #drunkelephant #onesize #charlottetilbury #rarebeauty #hudabeauty #shoppinghaul #summerfridays #patrickta #lipproducts

♬ original sound – mei

Thanks to the #BookTok community, the trend of silent reviews has become a sensation on social media. Creators now review various products using only their facial expressions, body language, and movements without saying a word. Although the trend was originally created for book reviews, this trend has now extended to makeup, clothing, and other items. It’s basically a review charade, which is super funny to watch. It’s no wonder these videos are such a hit this 2024. 

The In-N-Out Flying Dutchman burger


#duet with @moribyan Onion bun burger! Would you try this?? #cheeseburger #burger #flyingdutchman #innout #homemadefood #homemade #burgerrecipe #dinnerideas #foodtiktok

♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

The In-N-Out Flying Dutchman trend began on TikTok in December 2023, and it’s still popular among many users and creators who continue to make content about it. This burger comprises of two beef patties sandwiched between two slices of cheese and wrapped in grilled onions instead of regular buns. If you do not like onions, then this burger may not be for you. Despite there being no In-N-Out franchises in Thailand, one TikTok creator, @moribyan, has recently shared a recipe for making this delicious treat at home. 

See Also

Muah, blocked


Muah……. you not finna ruin my day 😘

♬ original sound – Kam Tunechi 💕

As 2024 is all about protecting our peace and letting go of things that don’t serve us, many users are now getting into the “Muah, blocked” trend. Initially started by TikToker @kamtunechi, the video began with the line “Me every time somebody p*ss me off.” The response is then the sound “Muah, blocked.” Since its release on 30 December, the video went viral and the sound has been used for over 146,000 videos. Even Hailey Bieber hopped on this TikTok trend. 

Practicing, in case he gives me flowers


последний видос, честное слово

♬ swimming pools – ‍r7ptor


Desperate 🥲

♬ original sound – audiosss..4uu

For the last trend in our January TikTok report, there have been videos of females showing off enormous flower bouquets from their partners. However, other users have been parodying it with random items, such as a tree, to “practice” for the day when the real deal finally happens to them. Hopeful.

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