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Ladies of Energy 2023: Writer’s Letter

Ladies of Energy 2023: Writer’s Letter

I’m immensely proud as I write this letter, which welcomes the 38 successful women leaders who are joining the Prestige Women of Power family this year and also celebrates the third anniversary of building this incredible community.

In June this year, just three months after Hong Kong’s return to normality, we held the inaugural Women of Power Summit. Although long delayed by the pandemic it was a dream come true for us, as we’d envisioned hosting such an event when we first launched the initiative in 2021. The Summit not only succeeded in bringing together Hong Kong’s women leaders, but it did so on a scale far exceeding what we’d ever imagined possible. Thanks partly to the help of our incredible Women of Power honourees, we were able to develop our super-packed half-day programme, with 17 speakers interspersed by two interactive workshops (and no time for breaks in between). I was moved and delighted by the honesty, candour and genuine spirit of sharing among all our participants, while the incredible support we received from the more than 300 delegates who attended was beyond all my expectations.

That event and its irresistible energy were reminders as to what this community was always intended to be: a group of women committed to learn from each other, to teach others, and to give back to themselves and the wider community. As we said at the very beginning, Women of Power isn’t just a list on a magazine page or website; it’s a dynamic collective
of successful females, who not only understand the influence they wield, but are also determined to pass on their secrets and pay them forward – and all with the aim of helping other women pave their own pathways to success.

It’s probably for that very reason that the Prestige team always takes on this project with pride and enthusiasm, in spite of the fact that the selection and invitation processes are, to put it mildly, lengthy. The annual task of growing the Women of Power collective has become a true labour of love for us, and we’re honoured to play our small role in bridging the gender gap and providing a safe platform for women leaders in Hong Kong to connect with, learn from and support each other. I know I can speak for all of us when I say we’re humbled by the extraordinary experience that building this community has given us and we appreciate all the learnings, the love and support we’ve received.

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As we wave goodbye to 2023 and look forward to the New Year, let’s continue in this spirit. Let’s raise a glass to what we’ve achieved individually and collectively, and give each other a pat on the shoulder. Here’s to strong daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, partners and friends, every one of us devoted to building a strong future together.

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