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Luxurious Getaway Information of South Korea: Ananti Lodges 

Luxurious Getaway Information of South Korea: Ananti Lodges 

With three unique Ananti hotels in Seoul and Busan, a multi-destination South Korea getaway for family, singles and couples has never been easier and more attractive. 

South Korea, with its bustling cities and beautiful beaches, is fast becoming a family favourite travel destination, thanks to its vast array of attractions. In the land of kimchi and K-pop, the city lights and soaring mountains make for a picturesque getaway unlike any other. And if you want
to experience a true luxury getaway in Korea, look no further than Ananti hotels. 

Matching the country’s love of adventure with a taste of luxury and comfort, Ananti offers locations ranging from the heart of Seoul to the hidden beaches of Busan. Ananti is there every step of your Korean journey, with its stylish, suite- standard rooms, gourmet dining and postcard-perfect views. 



Cabin B, Ananti at Gangnam

Since opening its doors last year, the new Ananti at Gangnam offers boutique luxury in Seoul’s most famous neighbourhood. Gangnam is where the local stylish trendsetters and stars go to wine, dine and unwind – and now you can too. Every room (the Cabin) is a suite that offers two-floor lofts and two beds with sweeping views of the city from private terraces and balconies. Ananti at Gangnam is the perfect place to call home during your travels in the South Korean capital. 

While Korea is known for its cuisine and unique flavours, you won’t have to go far to experience it, thanks the hotel’s gourmet on-site restaurants that serve it all, from fresh seafood and wine pairings
to charcuterie boards. End your evening at hidden speakeasy whisky bar Salon de MobyDick or take in the city lights from your private terrace overlooking the Gangnam skyline from upper level cabins

Indoor pool, Ananti at Gangnam

Of course, the hotel includes all the luxury amenities you’d expect from Ananti. Reflecting classic chandeliers from above, Ananti at Gangnam’s red-brick arch indoor pool, the hidden oasis of Seoul, is one of them. Whether it’s swimming in an all-year-round heated outdoor pool, a workout at Korea’s most stylish hotel fitness centre or a complimentary chauffeur service escorting you around town to your dinner dates and shopping appointments, Ananti at Gangnam has you covered. 



Infinity Pool, Ananti at Busan Cove

With fast trains and even faster flights between Seoul and Busan, getting out of the city and going on an exotic family adventure is seamless in South Korea. In fact, you can reach Busan from Seoul on a fast train in a mere two and a half hours. Best of all – you get to experience the beautiful Korean countryside from the comfort of your modern and comfortable carriage all the way to Busan. And unlike the classic film Train to Busan, these trains are totally safe. 

Private Ocean-view Jacuzzi, Ananti at Busan Cove

Once there you’ll find one of Busan’s best kept secrets, Ananti at Busan Cove, where stunning sunrises over the infinite blue ocean and private ocean-view Jacuzzi baths are the order of the day. 

McQueen’s Bar, Ananti at Busan Cove

Spend your afternoons backstroking through an oceanfront infinity pool, walking nearby coastal trails or drinking cocktails while soaking up ocean views at the top-floor ocean-view lounge McQueen’s. Afterwards, head over to Ananti Town to relax in cosy cafes and enjoy leisurely walks on the sun-soaked promenade. 


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Cabin S, Ananti at Busan Village

A little further away from the ocean, but sharing the same coastline, is Ananti’s brand-new property, where the mountains meet the sea. 

This luxurious all-in-one resort Ananti at Busan Village offers a seaside escape with Ananti’s signature spacious loft-style rooms and expansive ocean and mountain views. With gourmet restaurants, global buffets and tasty food stands, there are enough dining options available to keep the entire family satisfied at almost any time of the day. 

Spring Palace, Ananti at Busan Village

Nearby you’ll find the famous Spring Palace, with seven different pools and Jacuzzis fed by clear, natural, underground springs – a water lover’s paradise, it has plenty of options to sip, lounge, tan and unwind. Offering a heated pool during the winter, the outdoor pool is available all-year-round. Afterwards, explore the streets of Village de Ananti, where you’ll find art, culture, music and markets with premium groceries and plenty of shops. 

Whether you’re a single city dweller or couple wanting to shop and socialise, or a family looking for both convenience and luxury on your next trip, Ananti’s three luxury hotels in Seoul and Busan have all your needs covered, with added Korean charm and decadence. 

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