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The Reign of Whimsical And Questionable Purses Continues 

The Reign of Whimsical And Questionable Purses Continues 

Handbags have officially been promoted from being a mere accessory to a statement now! After Balenciaga and JW Anderson kickstarted the reign of questionable handbags, we have the latest lineup of labels further adding to the list. 

Anything that qualifies as unusual or wacky gets a green signal from the fashion fraternity these days. All things ordinary and basic seem a bit last season, courtesy of runways and streets embracing extraordinary style, and handbags are a case in point! We saw a bold palette turning into pastels, totes giving away the limelight to micro-minis, practicality taking a back seat and now novelty bags coming back to the scene. Everything and anything is a statement today! Let’s say if you spot someone with a Lays packet, that might not necessarily mean they’re munching, instead they might just be a big Balenciaga fan. Or if you stumble upon a paint can I’d suggest double-checking as it might have Louis Vuitton written all over it, and we’re all familiar with the iconic pigeon bag, the ultimate conversation starter amongst netizens. I can go on and on about how fashion has been surprising us lately with such questionable and unique choices and it doesn’t just stop here, we have a list of some latest ones that could easily join the lineup. 

From ice cubes to coffee flasks, these unusual handbags continue to amuse us 

Moschino Baguette Clutch

Moschino has some statement accessories to offer, freshly baked from their latest women’s fall/winter 2024 showcase. The Moschino’s baguette bag sure grabbed a thousand eyeballs, but it also costs ten times more than one would spend on a baguette. But for what it’s worth, the clutch looks absolutely delicious and stylish enough to create a buzz amongst the netizens.

Jane Wade Ice bag 

Well, this might not be the hottest commodity of the year up till now, but it sure is the coldest of ‘em all! Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, a huge block of ice made into a handbag. Jane Wade quite literally brought her snowy vision to life. As uncanny as it may sound, the two ice bags were kept in the freezer before the show only to turn down the heat on the ramps of New York Fashion Week 2024. So, would you style this block of ice? If you do make sure to keep away from the sun to avoid a literal meltdown! 

The Louis Vuitton sandwich bag

Speaking of unique bags on and off the runway, another one that caught my attention was the Louis Vuitton sandwich bag, and I’m not quite sure whether I should appreciate the creativity or stay pop-eyed on that price tag. Don’t go by the innocent name, as it is priced at a whooping high of 2,80,000, which is enough to put an LV-sized hole in your pockets. Only Louis Vuitton could have turned lunch into luxury! It may be spacious and luxurious at its best, but does this super spacious bag fit in practicality? Well, that’s a conversation starter worth generating buzz. 

Balmain Coffee cup bag 

Craving a hot cuppa coffee? Sure, but it’s in the new Balmain flavour, plus you can make this ‘to go’. Balmain’s mini Coffee Cup bag stirred up some drama last year, and it continues to bag a spot in the list of some of the most whimsy and unique handbags. It captures the brand’s luxe monogram along with a tiny chain to carry it along. It qualifies as the perfect mini accessory that’ll grab eyeballs, moreover, it might also help keep a check on your caffeine intake. 

The Coperni CD player 

I finally have someone to share my mutual love for music, except it’s not a person, instead, it’s a bag! Yes, you heard that right, Coperni’s IT swipe bag turned a new leaf and came out as the new CD player bag. It is almost a blessing for all those who are madly in love with music, and this dual-function bag continues to thrive and win hearts while playing some groovy beats. 

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Gucci Jackie transparent bag

I sure do believe in transparency in life but in my handbag? Not so much! The Gucci transparent bag caught the eye of the netizens when Alia Bhatt was seen carrying this questionable transparent bag from Gucci. It may have caught the attention of netizens in 2023, but the bag dates way earlier than that. Known as the ‘Gucci Jackie transparent bag’ it is one of the most iconic and unique handbags that’ll always be a conversation starter among fashion connoisseurs. 

Hero Image: Courtesy Coperni/IG Featured Image: Courtesy Jane Wade/IG 

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