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Luxurious With Each Step: BTS Members’ Costly Luxurious Shoe Collections

Luxurious With Each Step: BTS Members’ Costly Luxurious Shoe Collections

Our beloved K-pop powerhouse BTS is currently serving out their mandatory military service terms. As per some of the well-informed Korean ARMYs (the moniker of BTS’s devoted official fanbase), the boys are doing great in their respective duties. Even while on break, the boys continue to make the fans smile with new music releases, engaging posts, variety shows, and music videos. Case in point: BTS’s V and IU’s recent collaboration for the “Love Wins All” MV has taken the internet by storm, proving their star power once again. The septet has not only captivated their fans with their musical prowess, but have also impressed with their impeccable fashion sense, be it during a casual dance practice, a laid-back Vlive session, or a glamorous red carpet entry. So, today, we look at some of the most expensive shoes in the footwear collections of BTS members.

Known as top dominators of the fashion game, the BTS boys go above and beyond in styling themselves, whether with their spectacular watch collections, their coordinated fashion game, or their eye-catching footwear choices. Bathed in luxury and individuality, the shoes in the BTS members’ collections not only reflect their particular tastes, but also depict the story of their incredible rise to superstardom.

The most expensive shoe collections owned by BTS members


Let’s start with the oldest member of BTS, Hyung, who is the ‘big brother’ of the group. The “Worldwide Handsome” Jin’s shoe collection mirrors his extravagant taste. Known for his love of bold fashion choices, Jin owns a diverse array of statement footwear. Whether it’s limited edition collaborations or custom-made pieces, his closet features brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Nike, etc.

Louis Vuitton Abbesses Derby in White

BTS jin expensive shoes
(Image: @_BTS_713/X and Novelship)

Jin has rocked this pair of Derby shoes on different occasions. Whether he’s having casual fun with his fellow members, gearing up for dance practice, or strutting through the airport, he never fails to turn heads with these classic derby shoes. Crafted from white calfskin leather with tonal stitching, the Abbesses Derby exudes elegance with its lace-up closure, round toe, and sleek silhouette. The price tag for this stylish choice ranges from USD 1,000 to USD 1,200.

Balenciaga Triple S ‘White Blue’

BTS Jin luxury shoes
(Image: @jinnieslamp/X and Novelship)

Another interesting addition to Jin’s wardrobe is the Balenciaga Triple S ‘White Blue,’ which made an appearance on the group’s variety show, RUN BTS ep 118. Widely sought-after, these sneakers feature a stunning white colour with delicate blue accents, seamlessly blending fashion and comfort. These Balenciaga trainers retail at roughly USD 1,046, and are not just a statement piece — they’re also a comfy option for everyday use.

Louis Vuitton Iridescent Prism monogram white rose Waterfront mule slides

BTS Jin footwear
(Image: jin/Instagram and theluxurydealers)

Jin often wears his Louis Vuitton Iridescent Prism Monogram White Rose Waterfront Mule Slides on casual occasions. These slides, which are made of waterproof rubber with an iridescent prism finish, produce a mesmerising mix of colours that shift in response to light. The front strap is embossed with the distinctive Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern, lending a touch of distinctive luxury. While prices vary depending on size, colour, and availability, Jin’s preferred pair costs roughly USD 720.


Next, let us explore Suga‘s personal style. As BTS’s laid-back rapper, Suga’s shoe choices show a preference for understated luxury and minimalist style. His collection includes pieces from well-known labels such as Valentino, Dior, and Nike, demonstrating a preference for high-quality materials and craftsmanship that perfectly reflects his effortlessly cool style.

Valentino Garavani MS-2960 low-top sneakers

BTS suga expensive shoes
(Image: pantip and Farfetch)

As Valentino’s global brand ambassador, Suga’s collection also includes a remarkable pair of Valentino Garavani MS-2960 low-top trainers, which retail at about USD 1,191. Characterised by a pyramid stud pattern that has long been a part of Valentino’s designs, these boots feature distinctive Rockstud embellishments, taking on a sporty style.

Valentino Garavani Black Molded Slides

BTS suga expensive shoe collection
(Image: @btspicstwt_/X and ssense)

These Valentino Garavani Black Moulded Slides are Suga’s go-to shoes for everyday comfort. Retailing at USD 970, these slides effortlessly combine luxury and comfort and feature an open round toe, branded hardware at the vamp, a moulded leather footbed, and treaded rubber sole. A frequent pick for Suga’s informal occasions, they add a relaxed, yet fashionable touch to all his outfits.

R13 Single Stack Boot

Suga luxury footwear collection
(Image: agustd/Instagram and R13)

Moving on to shoes of a chunkier style, BTS Suga’s affinity for heavy boots is made clear in his expensive shoe collection. Within his collection is a pair of R13 single-stack boots that retail at about USD 1,295. These handmade leather combat boots, which appear in his music video for the song ‘Haegeum,’ have a lightweight stacked sole, trademark orange stitching, and an ecru embroidered pull tab. With a 1.5″ stacked sole and a zip closure at the back, these boots not only make a bold fashion statement, but also show Suga’s preferences for unusual and edgy footwear.


As the group’s ray of sunshine, J-Hope‘s footwear choices reflect his energetic character, featuring bright colours and fun patterns. Nike, LV, and Dior dominate his collection, with each pair conveying a story of energy and enthusiasm that complements his dynamic stage persona.

Louis Vuitton Square High Derby

BTS J hope most expensive shoes
(Image: @uarmyjhopeeee/X and Louis Vuitton)

J-Hope’s expensive shoe collection includes The Louis Vuitton Square High Derby, which he donned on a visit to the museum with fellow BTS member Jimin. As a Louis Vuitton’s brand ambassador, J-Hope looked effortlessly chic in the square high-top lace-up shoes, which incorporate suede calfskin with fabric laces. The sturdy yet lightweight micro outsole is embellished with Monogram flowers and Monogram Ebene canvas trim, adding a hint of branding to the back. This beautiful pair costs roughly USD 1,400 and represents the ideal balance of sophistication and uniqueness.

Dior by ERL B9S Skater

J-hope expensive footwear
(Image: Reddit and Sotheby’s)

The richest member of BTS, J-Hope has been photographed rocking these ERL B9S Skaters by Dior at the airport, helping him to stand out as the fashion icon that he is. A limited and numbered edition born of the Dior by ERL partnership, these skaters feature a highly detailed design with a primarily brown suede upper embellished with a Dior Oblique jacquard. The sneakers are a standout addition to J-Hope’s collection, with co-branded features on the lateral heels and padded tongues, a rubber cap on the toe box, and a two-tone rubber sole featuring the Dior logo. The cost? An eye-watering USD 2,750, indicating the exclusivity of this fashion-forward option.

Air Force 1 x Tiffany & Co. 1837

BTS expensive shoe collection
(Image: @btspicstwt_/X and Tiffany&Co)

Last year, J-Hope made a guest appearance in Park Jae-beom’s show The Seasons: Park Jae-beom’s Drive sporting the Air Force 1 x Tiffany & Co. 1837 sneakers. These iconic sneakers, in a Triple Black colourway, highlight the iconic partnership between Tiffany & Co.’s ageless perfection and the instantly recognisable elegance of the AF-1 shape. Priced at USD 405, these trainers are made of fine leather and feature a sterling silver piece on the heel, the pinnacle of sophistication that serves to bridge basketball and street style.


Enter the chic world of RM, BTS’s smart and charismatic leader who has a footwear collection incorporating a range of timeless and high-end pieces. RM moves effortlessly from the stage to the red carpet, displaying a flair for luxury that complements his polished aesthetic. His footwear selection includes legendary labels such as Nike, Visvim, and Bottega Veneta, resulting in a wardrobe that emanates both sophistication and uniqueness.

Visvim Virgil Boots-Folk in Dark Brown

BTS RM expensive shoes
(Image: @galleryofRM/X and endclothing)

A mainstain in RM’s extensive collection, these Visvim Virgil Boots-Folk in Dark Brown are a stunning take on the traditional work boot, expertly fashioned from bison leather obtained from the legendary Horween Tannery. The hand-stitched uppers are set above a Vibram sole unit, providing the ideal combination of classic design and innovative technology. These boots, which include a memory footbed and a TPU heel stabiliser, have clean, elegant lines that lift RM’s look to new heights. If you want a pair to put you on the same level as BTS RM, they’ll set you back a whopping USD 840.

Bottega Veneta Pillow Sneaker

RM most expensive footwear
(Image: @btspicstwt_ and Bottega Veneta)

On this particular trip to the airport, Bottega Veneta brand ambassador RM opted for Bottega Veneta Pillow Sneakers to convey both comfort and class. A pair of these cushioned leather lace-up trainers in optic white retail at USD 990, but they’re well worth the price, made of 100% calfskin with a sporty mesh fabric inner. The rubber outsole adds strength and a modern touch.

Fear of God Vintage Runner — Off Black

(Image: @kkukstudio/X and feature)

During another airport visit, RM rocked Fear of God old Runners in Off-Black, adding a touch of old Americana to his look. With retro-inspired looks, this sneaker’s upper is made of Italian suede and breathable tech mesh. The lace-up design, with textile and leather linings and removable insoles, shows a dedication to both style and comfort. The long-lasting rubber outsole and craftsmanship are perfect for RM’s footwear preferences, with each pair priced at about USD 695.


Moving on to BTS’ unexpected trendsetter V, fans can expect an expensive and extensive shoe collection that defies categorisation. V’s broad footwear collection, which include both vintage-inspired pieces and futuristic designs, reflects the variety of his creative expression. Converse, YSL, and Celine coexist in his wardrobe, forming a canvas that offers a vibrant picture of an artist who is not afraid to experiment with his fashion choices.

Celine trainer CR-07 low lace-up sneaker in calfskin optic white

BTS V expensive shoes
(Image: @luvboxsmilev/X and Celine)

With a price tag of USD 995, the Celine Trainer CR-07 Low Lace-up Sneaker in calfskin optic white is a striking item from V’s collection. This avant-garde trainer features Triomphe’s distinctive leather cuts, the Celine signature on the tongue, and the “CR-01” logo debossed on the side. The delicate features, such as trademark embossing and cotton laces paired with a textile footbed and rubber outsole, highlight a style that not only fits perfectly, but also results in contemporary elegance.

YSL Wyatt Chelsea boots in smooth leather

V shoe collection
(Image: Tumbler and YSL)

For his 2020 Grammy performance, V sported the YSL Wyatt Chelsea Boots in smooth leather, adding a touch of rock and roll elegance. Retailing at USD 1,190, these Italian-made boots feature distinctive elastic sections that make them easy to put on and take off, providing a particular 1960s allure. The small heels enhance their form, making them an ideal match for skinny jeans whilst reflecting the essence of SAINT LAURENT’s signature design.

Celine western boots in suede calfskin Havana

V expensive footwear collection
(Image: Korea travel post and Celine)

As Celine’s brand ambassador, V has no problems padding his Western-inspired looks with Celine’s Western Boots in suede calfskin Havana. Priced at USD 1,200, these boots feature a pointed toe, an inclined stacked leather heel, and Western-inspired decorative stitches. They also include a nylon internal zip, a calfskin footbed, and a leather outsole. The hand-made thick outsole stitching provides a unique touch that is nonetheless perfectly at home in V’s broad shoe collection.

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Step inside the avant-garde world of Jimin, the experimental fashion star and Dior ambassador of BTS. Jimin is well-known for his fearless fashion choices, and his shoe collection is a fascinating mix of high-end designer footwear and avant-garde streetwear brands, including Dior, Visvim, and Nike.

Micarro Lace Up Ankle Boot Black

BTS Jimin expensive shoes
(Image: @FJimindata/X and Marsell)

First up is the Micarro Lace Up Ankle Boot Black, a shorter and chunkier version of Marsèll’s Carro boot. The shaft is made of smooth leather, and while it may not be as tall as the Carro’s, its platform and sole, consisting of multilayers of microporous rubber, more than make up for it. The black upper and contrasting white laces lend a stunning touch to this avant-garde shoe, a pair of which will set you back about USD 1,295.

Dior B23 High-Top Sneaker

Jimin luxury footwear
(Image: Pintap and Dior)

Next up in BTS Jimin‘s expensive shoe collection is Kim Jones’ modern rendition of the Dior B23 High-Top Sneaker in white canvas. Imbued with AsteroDior-inspired graphic inspired by 1970s space operas, these trainers evoke the imagery of an interplanetary desert universe. It has classic trainer details like eyelets, a lace-up front, a white rubber sole with contrasting inserts, a reinforced rounded toe, and a distinguishing tab on the back. Priced at USD 1,167.99, these trainers are the perfect addition to any casual outfit, and shows Jimin’s strong eye for combining luxury with bold aesthetics.

Visvim Skagway Hi. G Patten W

BTS jimin expensive shoes
(Image: leseraffim official and Visvim)

The Visvim Skagway Hi. G Patten W rounds out Jimin’s diverse line, with its handmade construction, leather lining, cork insole, and cork midsole. Original tape details give these avant-garde trainers a distinct look, emphasising craftsmanship and personality. This work of art is priced at USD 1,050, and displays Jimin’s preference for curated designs that defy conventional norms.


Let’s take a look at Jungkook, BTS’s youngest member. Jungkook’s expensive shoe collection perfectly combines athleticism and luxury, blending in perfectly with the rest of his wardrobe, Within his shelves are a harmonious blend of performance-driven sportswear from well-known brands like Nike and Adidas, as well as pieces from high-end fashion brands like Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Men’s 3XL sneaker in Black

BTS JK expensive shoes
(Image: @luvboxsmilev/X and Balenciaga)

Golden maknae Jeon Jungkook has been seen wearing Balenciaga’s Men’s 3XL sneaker in Black. These sneakers are leather-free masterpieces, made of mesh and polyurethane for a sleek and sophisticated design. The Balenciaga logo appears worn-out on the toe edge and back, while the 3XL rubber branding on the tongue adds a reflective accent. These trainers, which are priced at USD 1,150, highlight Jungkook’s ability to seamlessly combine comfort and style.

Balenciaga Bulldozer Chelsea ankle boots

JK expensive footwear collection
(Image: jeonshiiiiii/Instagram and Farfetch)

While Jungkook may not be Balenciaga’s official brand ambassador (at least not yet), he has certainly earned the nickname “Balenciaga Boy.” The Balenciaga Bulldozer Chelsea ankle boots in his collection feature the brand’s typical dramatic designs and sit on a ridged and massive chunky platform sole. This dramatic statement piece costs roughly USD 1,650, reflecting Jungkook’s love for chunky boots.

Prada Monolith brushed leather and Re-Nylon boots with pouch

BTS JK expensive shoes
(Image: kpophit and Prada)

On a trip to the airport, Jungkook was photographed sporting Prada’s Monolith brushed leather and Re-Nylon boots with a pouch, a true showstopper that claims pride of place in his collection. These boots, priced at USD 1,450, include a multipurpose pouch with a multi-pocket design to complement the brushed leather and nylon combination. Inspired by the formal rigour of a uniform, these chunky boots boast a timeless and monolithic style that combines the bold lines of the Monolith sole with the exquisite creamy texture of brushed leather.

(Main image: Debra L Rothenberg/Stringer/Getty Images; featured image: BTS_twt)

The prices of the products mentioned in the story are accurate at the time of posting, but may be subject to change.

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