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Meet the All-Stars of Netflix’s Bodily: 100 Season 2

Meet the All-Stars of Netflix’s Bodily: 100 Season 2

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Netflix’s Physical: 100 has returned, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats with its exhilarating blend of physical prowess and mental tenacity. Season 2 of Physical: 100 elevates the competition, introducing a cast lineup of fascinating contestants whose backgrounds are as diverse as their skill sets. With its premiere on March 19 and a finale spanning its eighth and ninth episodes releasing on April 2, viewers are all set for a thrilling season.

From Olympic champions to hidden gems of the athletic world, this season promises to outdo its predecessor with more gruelling challenges and compelling stories of determination. Here’s a closer look at the standout athletes and fitness enthusiasts battling it out for the ultimate title in season 2 of Physical: 100.

What is Physical: 100 all about?

Physical: 100 is a riveting physical competition show that pits a hundred contestants against each other in a series of intense challenges designed to test their strength, endurance, and willpower. The unique twist of the show lies in its diverse cast, encompassing athletes from various disciplines, fitness enthusiasts, and even personalities from the entertainment industry.

The ultimate goal is to find the “most physically perfect human,” with the Physical: 100 season 2 contestants facing off in both individual and team challenges that push them to their limits. The show stands out for its brutal challenges, strategic alliances, and the sheer determination displayed by contestants, making it a captivating watch for fans of intense physical competition.

Meet the standout contestants and cast members of Physical: 100 Season 2

The diversity of season 2’s cast underscores the universal appeal of Physical: 100, blending athleticism, strategy, and personal stories of resilience and ambition. As viewers tune in, they’re not just witnessing a contest of strength but a compelling narrative of human endurance, ambition, and the unyielding desire to be the last one standing.

The Olympians and World Champions

Andre Jin Coquillard

Age: 33 years

Making history as the first naturalised foreign player on South Korea’s national rugby team, Coquillard’s multicultural background and participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics make him a formidable contestant. His journey from U.C. Berkeley to the international stage exemplifies the fusion of talent and tenacity.

Chang Yong-heung

Age: 30 years 

Another titan in the rugby field, Chang represented South Korea in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens, bringing a competitive edge sharpened on the world stage.

Jung Ji-Hyun

Age: 40 years

A gold medallist in wrestling at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Jung transitions from the mat to the Physical: 100 arena, blending his Olympic-winning strategies with the raw intensity required in this brutal competition.

The Fitness Mavericks and Social Media Influencers


Age: 31 years 

Known for his dynamic presence both as a CrossFitter and a YouTube personality, Amotti’s dedication to fitness shines through his content, making him a contestant to watch.

Jung Dae-jin

Age: 30 years

Jung Dae-jin or “Superbody Jin,” is not just a nickname but a testament to his achievements as a sports model and bodybuilder. His journey through various fitness competitions, combined with his social media influence, paints the picture of a contestant who’s more than just muscle.

Kim Min-su

Age: 30 years 

Known as the “Korean Thanos,” Kim stands out not just for his physique but for his status as an IFBB Pro and his participation in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. His multifaceted background, from YouTuber to former Special Forces officer, adds layers to his already intimidating presence.

The Trailblazers and Pioneers

Joo Min-kyung

Age: 35 years 

A titan in the arm wrestling world, Joo’s gold medals and victories in national competitions underline his strength and strategic prowess, making him a standout in physical confrontations.

Lee Won-hee

Age: 43 years 

Known as “Mr. Ippon,” Lee’s legendary judo career, highlighted by his 2004 Athens Olympics gold medal, sets him apart as a tactical and physically dominant competitor.

Hong Beom-seok

Age: 37 years 

A returning face from season 1, Hong’s background as a former firefighter and special forces soldier imbues him with a resilience and strategic mindset that’s hard to match.

The Entertainment and Pop Culture Icons

Justin Harvey

Age: 32 years

Justin John Harvey is a South African actor and model based in South Korea, and has starred in movies such as Ashfall (2019) and The Witch: Part 2. The Other One (2022). His transition from the big screen to the Physical: 100 Season 2 arena is a narrative of versatility, blending his acting skills with an unyielding physical discipline.

Lee Jae-yoon

Age: 39 years

An actor known for roles in heartwarming dramas and intense action series, Lee’s dedication to fitness and martial arts makes him a formidable competitor outside the acting studio. His best known television dramas include My Love By My Side (2011), Heartless City (2013), and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2015–2016).

A list of all the 100 contestants on the show

Contestants Profession
Ahn Sung-hwan
Andre Jin

National Team Rugby Player

Chang Yong-heung

National Team Rugby Player

Choi Soo-in

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete

Choi Won-jae

National Cheerleading Team Athlete

Eom Dae-hyun
Gibson U.S. Army Major
Ham Young-jin

Police Officer & Member of Korean National Judo Team

Hong Beom-seok

Firefighter (Former), Special Forces Soldier (Former) & Physical: 100 Season 1 Contestant

Jo Han

College Student (Sports and Leisure)

Jo Ha-rang

National Handball Team Player

Joo Min-kyung
Jo Sung-bin MMA Fighter
Jung Dae-jin

Sports Model, Bodybuilder & YouTuber

Jung Ji-hyun
Jung You-in
Ju Sung-min

Doctor of Korean Medicine

Justin Harvey Actor
Kang Eun-hee Bodybuilder
Kang Cheong-myeong

South Korean Coast Guard Officer

Kim Amugae YouTuber
Kim Dam-bi
Kim Do-hyeon

National Boxer (Heavyweight)

Kim Dong-hyun
Kim Dong-hyun
Kim Hyeong-kyu

National Boxer (Heavyweight)

Kim Min-ho
Kim Min-su

Bodybuilder, Special Forces Officer (Former) & YouTuber

Kim Nam-wook Bodybuilder

Dancer (Krump) & Member of Prime Kingz Crew

Ko Hyo-joo
Ko Jong-hun

Special Operations Unit Member

See Also

Kwon Ga-young Fitness Model
Ku Sung-hoe

Reserve Sergeant First Class

Lee Hyun-woo Bodybuilder
Lee Jae-yoon Actor
Lee Jang-kun

National Kabaddi Team Athlete

Lee Jun-ha
Lee Won-hee
Lim Soo-jin Bodybuilder
Park Da-sol
Park Ha-yan
Park Seung-hee

National Speed Skater (Retired)

Park Woo-jin

South Korean Coast Guard Officer

Park Yeon-su
Power Who Yami Cosplayer
Amber Yang
Chong Te-se

Professional Soccer Player (Retired)


Fitness Model, Bodybuilder & YouTuber

Go Min-jung
GPT YouTuber
Ha Moo-kyoung Handball Player
Heo Kyung-hee

National Team Rugby Player & Model (Former)

Hong Da-eun Arborist
Hong Hyeon-jun
Hunter Lee FBI Diplomat
Hwang Chan-seob Ssireum Athlete
Hwang Choong-won

Heavy Equipment Operator & Crossfit Athlete

Hwang Mun-kyeong
Im Su-jeong Ssireum Athlete
Jang Jun-hyuk
Jang Sung-yeop Bodybuilder
Jang Yoon-sung
Jeon Hee-jeong Stunt Performer
Jeon Jong-hyeok Singer
Kang Ki-jun Porter
Kang Min-su
Kang Seung-min YouTuber
Kang So-yeon

Model, Entrepreneur, TV Personality & Single’s Inferno Season 1 Contestant

Kang Young-seo
Kim Bong-yun Carpenter
Kim Dam-bi

Competitive Weightlifter (Former) & YouTuber

Kim Jee-hyuk
Kim Hee-hyun Ballerino
Kim Hye-bin

National Wushu Sanda Team Athlete

Kim Ji-eun
Kim Ki-hyuk Announcer
Kim Woo-joo Fashion Model
Kim Yeong-chan
Lee Ho-yeon Model
Lee Jang-jun

K-Pop Idol (Main Rapper of Golden Child)

Lee Kyu-ho Actor
Lee Hyun-jeong

Physical Education Teacher & Professional Basketball Player

Lee Hyun-jin Actor
Lee Ye-joo
Mo Tae-bum
Noh Sung-yul

Martial Arts Teacher & YouTuber

No Seung-hyuk

Dance Artist (Contemporary) & Freelance Model

Park Hee-jun
Park Kwang-jae

Actor & Basketball Player (Former)

Ryu Si-hyun
Seol Young-ho MMA Fighter
Seo Young-woo
Shin Soo-ji

National Rhythmic Athlete

Sim Sung-eon Nurse
Sim Yu-ri MMA Fighter
Son Yeong-seok Office Worker
Wi Sung-oh Personal Trainer
Yoon Han-jin

College Student (Special PhysEd)

Which of the Physical: 100 season 2 cast members are you rooting for?

Watch the show here.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Physical: 100 filmed in one day?

Based on what the actors have said and how the show is set up, it looks like they took at least a day to get everything ready for each part of the show. Since the first season had seven different challenges and activities, it is mostly likely to have taken around a week to film everything.

What is the controversy surrounding Physical: 100?

In the finale of season 1, CrossFit athlete Woo Jin Yong won against cyclist Jung Hae Min in a rope pulling contest. But after the episode was shown, viewers noticed that Woo’s rope seemed easier to pull than Jung’s. As the round was played three times, some allege that Jung was winning the first part until Woo mentioned his rope had issues. Jung also supposedly won the second part, but they had to do a third one because there were problems with the sound. After agreeing to a third match, Jung lost to Woo.

“Jung Hae Min is very discouraged by what happened on the show. I think Jung Hae Min is not associating with Physical: 100 at all after the show because of what happened on set,” an anonymous insider told Hypebae. MBC, the network that produced the show, stated, “We can confirm it’s not true the final game was done three times. The production team is discussing taking legal action against these baseless rumours.”

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