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Prime 6 Homicide Thriller Ok-Dramas That Will Have You Placing on Your Detective Cap

Prime 6 Homicide Thriller Ok-Dramas That Will Have You Placing on Your Detective Cap

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Hair-raising revelations, dangerous confrontations, and a series of inexplicable deaths — some of the most binge-worthy Korean titles will have viewers going “whodunit?” Here’s our list of murder mystery Kdramas whose storylines will make your blood run cold.

Romance might be the lifeblood of Korean entertainment, but we’d go out on a limb to say it’s the titles with action-packed scenes, eerie deaths, high-speed chases, and rollercoaster-like plotlines that will have you hooked faster. Produced impeccably and carried well by a stellar cast — these stories have viewers playing sleuths and are often treading the fine-line between reality and fiction. If that’s not alluring enough, they throw in a bit of comedy and love to truly round out the experience of watching them. Whether you’re a routineer with a hankering for some excitement or a murder mystery enthusiast on the lookout for their next favourite show — here’s our pick of Kdramas that deserve a spot in your watch list.

Exciting Kdramas to add to your murder mystery watch list

Suspicious Partner/Love In Trouble

Directed by: Park Sun-ho

Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon, Kwon Nara

Episodes: 40

Release date: 10 May 2017

Synopsis: Prosecutor Noh Ji-wook (played by Ji Chang-wook) often locks horns with his trainee Eun Bong-hee (played by Nam Ji-hyun). However, when the latter is falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend — it’s up to him to defend her while they uncover who the real culprit is. Along the way, the seedy side of law enforcement comes to light — putting the two through several near-death experiences.

My Lovely Liar

Directed by: Nam Sung-woo

Cast: Kim So-hyun, Hwang Min-hyun

Episodes: 16

Release date: 31 July 2023

Synopsis: In this murder mystery Kdrama, Dok Sol-hee (played by Kim So-hyun) leads a difficult life of not being able to trust people because she has the ability to hear and identify lies in person. Her life changes when she gets involved with a murder suspect whom nobody believes to be innocent.

Beyond Evil

Directed by: Shim Na-yeon

Cast: Shin Ha-kyun, Yeo Jin-goo

Release date: 19 February, 2021

Episodes: 16

Synopsis: Two policemen from the Munju Police Station — the unconventional Lee Dong-sik (played by Shin Ha-kyun) and the dependable Han Joo-won (played by Yeo Jin-goo) — skirt the law to catch a serial killer in this murder mystery Kdrama. However, in the process they begin to question their own morality and that of others around them.

Flower Of Evil

Directed by: Kim Cheol-kyu

Cast: Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Jang Hee-jin, Seo Hyun-woo

Episodes: 16

Release date: 29 July 2020

Synopsis: In this murder mystery Kdrama, detective Cha Ji-won (played by Moon Chae-won) and her husband Baek Hee-sung ( (played by Lee Joon-gi) are devoted wife and husband as well as parents on the surface. However, when the former starts investigating a series of murders, she begins to uncover a dark side of her partner that he keeps well hidden.

One Ordinary Day

Directed by: Lee Myung-woo

Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Cha Seung-won, Kim Sung-kyu

Episodes: 8

See Also

Release date: 27 November 2021

Synopsis: Diligent university student Kim Hyun-Soo (played by Kim Soo-Hyun) sees his life turn upside down after a series of choices during a night out with friends leaves him the prime suspect in a murder case. His only hope? Lawyer Shin Joong-Han (played by Cha Seung-Won) who’s rather unpopular and barely managed to pass the bar exam. However, he offers to help the former out, confronting a harsh legal system in the process.


Directed by: Kim Won-seok

Cast: Lee Je-hoon, Kim Hye-soo, Cho Jin-woong

Episodes: 16

Release date: 22 January, 2016

Synopsis: Police lieutenant and criminal profiler Park Hae-young (played by Lee Je-hoon) solves a kidnapping case where the culprit leaves behind a walkie talkie. He soon discovers it to be a portal to the past. While using it, he connects with socially awkward but experienced detective Lee Jae-han (played by Cho Jin-woong), who helps him solve cases in real time. Specifically, this involves working on a murder and kidnapping case of the former’s friend that he’d witnessed and reported as a child in vain. Joining them in the action? Cha Soo-hyun (played by Kim Hye-soo) who is the first woman police officer of the Special Task Force and the lead of the Seoul Cold Case squad.

Happy watching!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is the best mystery K drama?

One Ordinary Day, Suspicious Partner, Signal, Beyond Evil are considered some of the best, most engaging murder mystery Kdramas.

– What is the darkest K drama?

Vincenzo, The Glory, Beyond Evil, Flower of Evil are some of the darkest Kdramas.

– What Korean series is based on a serial killer?

Suspicious Partner, Inspector Koo, and Beyond Evil are murder mystery Kdramas based on a serial killer story.

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