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Prime Putters: The Most Costly Golf Golf equipment In The World

Prime Putters: The Most Costly Golf Golf equipment In The World

Before proceeding to read on, heed this advisory: mind-boggling numbers lie in wait in our list of the most expensive golf clubs in the world, from antiques and collectibles to performance-improving putters.

Golf has had a long and storied history spanning centuries. That much is evident in the antique paraphernalia that remains of its earliest days. To pay homage to the sport and the interest it has garnered over the years, we look at some of the most expensive golf clubs in the world, from antique finds and historical collectibles to prime putters alike.

In the process of collecting data on these history-making golf clubs, we found ourselves in awe of the prices they fetched and how expensive they proved to be. Based on the public perception of golf, which relegates it to a space held for only the most expensive sports, these figures and prices certainly hold up.

However, it is important to note that where sports are concerned, money often pales before passion. To longtime lovers of golf for whom money is no object, laying down millions for a collectible piece of history is a worthy investment. That same passion extends to casual and professional golf players today, with many gladly paying up for top-notch gear to achieve the perfect swing that holds under pressure. And while these most expensive golf clubs do cause a pretty penny, the pleasure they bring to golfers and golf fans is well worth the price.

Read on to find out what are the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

The most expensive golf clubs in the world from antiques and collectibles to prime putters

1. Tiger Slam Irons and Wedges — USD 5,156,162

These collectibles may not be antiques, but they’re certainly worth the USD 5.15 million paid in auction. (Image: Golden Age Auctions)

Priced at USD 5,156,162, Tiger Woods’ ‘Tiger Slam’ irons top the chart for the most expensive golf clubs in the world. One of the most incredible pieces of Tiger’s golf memorabilia, the Titleist 681-T irons are a collector’s Holy Grail. The four straight Major victories that make up the “Tiger Slam” — the 2000 U.S. Open, Open, PGA Championship, and 2001 Masters — were all won by the world-renowned golfer with the help of these clubs.

The Tiger Slam irons and wedges set includes nine Titleist 681-T irons, a 2-iron through pitching wedge, and two Vokey wedges, with the word “TIGER” imprinted on each wedge. Out of the bunch, the face of the 8 iron is the ultimate collector’s item, as the wear imprint on that club face is remarkably tiny, demonstrating how consistent a ball striker Tiger was in the days of his prime.

2. Tiger Woods’ Backup Putter — USD 393,000

This club, which was sold for USD 393,000 in 2021, was renowned for its high-quality components which included 303 stainless steel and machined titanium. Created by Scotty Cameron in 2002, it bears all the hallmarks of the creator’s exquisite craftsmanship, a functional piece that is unmatched in quality. This putter was made as an exact replica of Tiger Woods’ Newport 2 and retained as a backup in case he ever had trouble in his game. Each year, Cameron made one or two spare putters for Woods, although there appear to be less than ten in existence. Unlike the majority of Newport 2 putters, Woods’ features just a single dot on the topline, allowing him to place the ideal hitting area of the face squarely behind the ball at address.

3. Andrew Dickson’s 18th-Century Long-Nosed Putter — USD 181,000

This antique long-nosed putter sold for USD 181,000 in 2007. (Image: Sothesby’s)

This 18th-century Andrew Dickson Long-Nosed Putter was auctioned for USD 181,000 in 2007. With authentic roots that can be traced back to the 1700s, this club is the oldest verified golf club in the world. The equipment bears the maker’s initials “A.D.” as well as the latter owner’s stamp “JAMES McCAUL.” Also stamped behind the leather grip are the previous, and possibly original owner’s initials “J_J_”. The enormous, globular, bulbous head of this AD putter continues to be a mystery. Unlike contemporary golf putters, this antique collectible one features a wooden shaft with a row of notches running along the bottom, making it a curious club indeed.

4. Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Blade Putter — USD 165,000

This antique club is made of fruitwood, with a metal-headed blade putter.

From the late 18th century through the early part of the 19th century, Scottish clubmaker Simon Cossar became one of the first craftsmen to start stamping his name on his clubs, a testament to his business acumen. This golf club features a fruitwood (one of the most lucrative hardwoods in the United States) shaft, a metal-headed blade putter, and a matching attached hosel. As likely the last survival model of its sort, the ancient historic putter fetched a staggering USD 165,000 when it was auctioned off.

5. Square Toe Light Iron from the 17th Century — USD 151,000

This square club dates back to the 17th century. (Image: Sothesby’s)

This square toe light iron head from the 17th century is one of only a dozen or so surviving iron heads. The irons were either hand-forged and hammered by a blacksmith who also made horseshoes and tools, or an armorer who was skilled in creating and maintaining armor and weapons. This club features the hallmarks of what historians refer to as the “first generation” square toe light iron club, including a blade that rounds up and sweeps up the hosel such that there is no clear visual boundary between the hosel and blade.

An interesting find indeed, the club provides a unique historical window into the formative years of an amazing sport that has been enjoyed by dukes and kings alike. The record-setting selling price of USD 151,000 for this square toe light iron can only be attributed to its historical rarity and value, making it one of the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

6. Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition — USD 150,000

Barth & Sons’ ultra luxury club features diamond inlays and 24-carat gold. (Image: Barth & Sons)

This Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition was created by German company Barth & Sons, who went on to intrigue the golf industry by redefining exclusivity. This luxury golf club is crafted of cherry wood with diamond inlays and a very thin layer of 24-carat gold at the shaft, racking up a cost of USD 150,000. The club also features a leather handle and head that are embellished with crystals. Michael Barth, who is the founder and owner of Barth & Sons, highlighted his commitment to providing a genuinely extraordinary customer experience by combining exclusive materials with bespoke components, resulting in this exquisite creation, which has rightly earned its place in our list of the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

7. Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club — USD 91,000

This elegant-looking scraper golf club dates back to the 1700s. (Image: Sothesby’s)

The Long-Nosed Scraper Golf Club dates back to the 1700s, but despite its age, it is in excellent condition. The head is remarkably long, highly curved with most of the loft at the heel of the face with a graceful bend at the neck. Made of incredibly dense wood, such that it had difficulty absorbing the stain, the club has knots at the top of the head, prominently featuring in the light part of the wood. A straight cut runs horizontally across the base of the shaft, which is not angled. The top of the head curves down to meet it, ingrained with curving letters that are too faint to read. In addition to the lead weight that protrudes from the back of the head, three additional round lead “buttons” or plugs were put into the sole. A part of the Jeffery B. Ellis collection, this historical piece fetched a stunning USD 91,000 at auction in 2007, making it one of the most expensive antique and collectible golf clubs in the world.

8. Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood — USD 49,000

This antique club was made in 1907. (Image: Sothesby’s)

A vintage set worthy of acclaim, the Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood is an unmissable name among the most expensive antique and collectible golf clubs in the world, created by A. G. Spalding & Brothers, an internationally recognised manufacturer of basketball and volleyball equipment. One of the earliest technologically advanced wooden clubs created, the Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood transformed the game by enabling golfers to cover more ground on the course. This 1907-made wood is characterised by an unusual forked wooden shaft, an integrated wooden grip, and a fiber slip fitted into the front edge of the sole; in 2007, it was sold for USD 49,000 at auction as part of Jeffrey B. Ellis’ collection, landing it solidly in our list of the most expensive antique collectible golf clubs.

9. Honma BERES 5-Star Irons – Ultimate Statement of Golf Luxury — USD 47,000

most expensive golf clubs antique collectible
Honma’s BERES golf clubs are among the most expensive in the world. (Image: Honma)

Manufactured by BERES, the most exclusive golf club brand in the world, the Honma BERES 5-Star Irons are the pinnacle of golf luxury. This club is for golfers who value artistry and performance; it will also serve individualists who want to stand out from the crowd, with peculiarities like 24K gold accents and trim and precious metal decorations. They were designed in Sakata, Japan, reflecting a commitment to Honma’s famed quality and craftsmanship. Featuring the most cutting-edge shaft yet, a wide face opening, and greater face volume, these luxury irons have excellent carry. The price of USD 57,000 seems appropriate, given its unique characteristics and high craftsmanship.

10. Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Stainless Masters Winner — USD 20,000

This limited edition club pays homage to Tiger Woods’ 1997 win. (Image: Golf Week)

Produced as a limited edition with just 21 units available, this Scotty Cameron golf club is closely linked with the legendary Tiger Woods. The inspiration for this club, which belongs to a full set of 21 clubs, was the one Tiger Woods used to secure his 1997 win — a black-finished Scotty Cameron Newport Teryllium Tel3. Made from a copper and brass mold, the resultant club is renowned for its performance on the green, where it proffers an outstanding forward roll with minimal hopping. Today, it is worth an estimated USD 20,000.

11. Bentley Centenary Set — USD 16,000

most expensive golf clubs antique collectible
Worth USD 16,000, Bentley’s limited edition Centenary Set are among the most expensive golf clubs in the world. (Image: Bentley)

A limited edition with only 100 sets available, British automotive manufacturer Bentley’s Centenary Set was first produced in 2019 in celebration of the brand’s 100th year. As per Bentley Golf, the set represents the brand’s ‘unrivalled ability to combine technology with timeless craftsmanship’. Produced of carbon fibre, aluminium, and titanium in a black and gold colourway, the set draws inspiration from the Bentley Continental GT, with the black representing modern Bentley features while the gold serves to highlight the brand’s storied heritage. Worth USD 16,000 today, the set includes a driver, one fairway wood, one utility, one hybrid, 5 iron through approach wedge, 52 and 58 degree wedges, and a putter.

12. Maurman Majesty Sublime Irons 6-SW — USD 12,369

most expensive golf clubs antique collectible
The Maurman Majesty Sublime Irons feature a 24-carat gold shaft. (Image: Majesty)

These Sublime Irons from Majesty are created to give elite golfers a superior experience, from distance and feel to spin and control. The expert touch of laser etching details and diamond-like carbon finishing offers top-shelf beauty. The key features of these exquisitely crafted golf clubs are high-density grooves for greater spin and accuracy on approach shots, an ultra-thin steel face for maximum ball speed, and a 24-carat gold shaft for an outstanding finish that matches its performance technology. With a price tag of USD 12,369, the Majesty Sublime Irons are for individuals who demand the best and aspire to greatness.

13. Gemspot OM 5 Deluxe Diamond — USD 10,000

Rounding off our list of the most expensive golf clubs in the world is the Gemspot OM 5 Deluxe Diamond mallet putter — an incredible work of art that is crafted of the finest materials worthy of royalty. Made for the discerning golfer who enjoys a bit of bling, this exquisite tool, which is a part of the Gemspot OM collection, commands a high price thanks to its elegant adornment comprising five diamonds. The diamonds are bezel set into a gold aluminium bar on the putter’s head, which weighs 375 grams. Designed by the Gemspot Jewelled Putters Company, the putter is crafted in accordance to precise calibrations, ensuring optimal on-course performance. Today, the glittering putter is worth about USD 10,000, making it one of the most expensive golf clubs in the world.

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(Main images: Bentley, Gemspot; featured image: Gemspot)

Additional reporting by Emmelyn Mah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What clubs does Tiger Woods use?

Presently, Tiger Woods plays a set of TaylorMade golf clubs, which includes TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, TaylorMade SIM Titanium 3-wood, TaylorMade M3 5-wood, TaylorMade P-770 irons, TaylorMade P-7TW irons, TaylorMade MG2 TW grind and MG3 Raw TW grind wedges, and Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.

– How much are Tiger Woods’ golf clubs?

Tiger Woods’ golfing gear is aptly priced to reflect his iconic career. Among them are a Stealth Plus driver: USD 629.99, P7MB Irons: USD 1,299.99, TaylorMade SIM Titanium 3 Wood: USD 229.99, TaylorMade M3 5 Wood: USD 199.99, TaylorMade P-770 Irons: USD 1,299.99, TaylorMade P-7TW Irons: USD 1,999.99, TaylorMade MG2 TW Grind: USD 199.99, TaylorMade MG3 Raw TW Grind: USD 199.99, and a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS: Approx. USD 500.

– What are some of the world’s most luxurious golf clubs?

Some of the world’s luxurious golf clubs include the Miura MB-101 Forged Blades 3-PW, Cobra KING RF Proto Irons “Rev33”, The LA GOLF Putter “Blade or Mallet”, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver, and the Sik Flo ArmLock Putter.

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