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Reina Rose Interview: Entrepreneur on a Mission

Reina Rose Interview: Entrepreneur on a Mission


Reina Rose is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated her life and success to the work of God. She started her first business in the fitness industry when she was just 19 years old and currently owns Crown Creativity LLC, which encompasses several of her passions ranging from luxury private aircraft decor to her Christian media and music projects. 

Tell us about yourself
In my early childhood, I attended the International School of Brunei, along with the royal family and other children from countries around the globe. It was a wonderful way to grow up. A Utopia of sorts for a child with a vivid imagination and a love for all people. In this environment where every culture was appreciated equally, it was instilled in me from an early age to appreciate every kind of diversity. However, this Utopia would not last forever. My fathers’ contract with the Sultan ended and my mother had a strong desire to move back to Orange County, California. There I would soon experience the most profound culture shock of my life. Not only were differences not celebrated in America, but people were also ostracized for the smallest discrepancy. Differences such as wearing another brand of shoes could get one hastily ousted from the desired lunch table. I struggled to fit into this new social paradigm and strange education system. Who would have thought an English class would expect a child to spell the word “colour” without a u? I wanted to tell the teachers they should call this class “American Class” if they expected me to spell it that way, but I kept quiet and tried to get better grades. The years after returning from life in Brunei were a struggle, however, I believe they ultimately made me a more proficient problem solver and a much kinder person who could relate to others while still remaining true to myself and who I believe God called me to be. 

Throughout my youth I enjoyed a decade of American cheer-leading, becoming quite popular, and winning a few beauty pageants. However, the most prominent part of my upbringing would come from participating in a youth ministry at a local church. This is where my musical skills were developed, lifelong friendships forged, and my faith in God became real and tangible instead of merely a tradition handed down by my parents. I grew up, started businesses, traveled the world, and had the ups and downs that living an abundant life tends to bring. 
Tell us about your business.

My current business began in the industry I knew best. Private Aviation. I went to university for Interior Architectural Design and spent much of my adolescence in the design centers of Gulf-stream Aerospace, so aircraft decor was a natural fit to do what I enjoy in an industry I love. When I published my first book, I brought the publishing and media aspects of my business under the umbrella of the LLC. This is what took my life to the next level. Suddenly I was doing everything I love as a way of life! This can get incredibly busy at times, but thanks to my wonderful assistant who handles all the background work, I am able to show up and speak, sing, host a show, and generally do what I am best at. 

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Between jet decor projects, my days are filled with time at the studio, filming shows I’m passionate about, and speaking and singing for churches and conferences. I am often moved to grateful tears that I am actually living the life I once prayed for. My recent move to Sacramento, California has been instrumental because of the abundance of Christian music being made in this region. Here I am enjoying fellowship with churches full of believers living in the most loving communities I have ever experienced and working with people from music labels that I have admired since my days of singing their music at my former church in Monaco. It is surreal to be working with some of these established groups that I have respected for years, along with a new studio that I have been blessed to be a part of as it secures its place as a powerful player in the Christian music space. With my latest film project submitted to the International Christian Film Festival, and new speaking agents booking me for larger audiences, I believe this is only the beginning of living out the dreams that have been on my heart for years!

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