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Rising To The Top: An Exclusive Interview With Girlande Lince, a Trailblazer in The Artistic World

Rising To The Top: An Exclusive Interview With Girlande Lince, a Trailblazer in The Artistic World

Meet Girlande Lince, the powerhouse CEO and Co-Founder of GY Empire, a leading entertainment company in the film and television sector. She’s known to the industry as “Gigi,” and is the mastermind behind the company’s mission to bring original and innovative content to viewers. She has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions. Her journey to success has been a roller coaster ride filled with challenges, but she never let them stop her from pursuing her dreams. Girlande’s journey to success wasn’t always a straightforward one. She was once a medical doctor, but took a leap of faith and switched careers overnight to pursue her true passion in the entertainment industry. She’s a true risk-taker, never giving up on her dreams, and with the help of mentors like legendary actor, writer, and producer Bob Fraser, she’s made a name for herself in the industry. 

Girlande has always been a creative force, writing her first script at the young age of 9. Today, she’s a multi-talented writer, director, producer, and actress, constantly pushing boundaries and creating quality content. From the darkly hilarious series Hollywood Asylum to the thought-provoking feature films Justice and Tradition, Girlande’s projects never fail to impress. And she’s not slowing down any time soon. Girlande is currently working on Hollywood A-list film projects and building her legacy, while GY Empire prepares to launch its own streaming network. Girlande’s hands-on approach to content creation ensures that each project is a reflection of her passion and dedication to the industry. With a past filled with hit projects like The Price of Innocence, The Business, and BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip Hop Drug Empire, Girlande Lince is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. Get ready to see her name in lights for years to come! 

Girlande Lince, it’s a great honor to have this interview with you. You are indeed an inspiration to many artists around the world. Can you describe to our Lavish Life readers the challenges in your life, which you had encountered during your journey to success? 

Thank you so much Lavish Life for this interview , I had many challenges but the main challenge I can share was my loved one’s utter disapproval of my involvement in the performing arts and having to leave my career as a doctor to pursue a new, unpredictable, and life-changing route. 

What was your turning point? 

One morning, I woke up shivering in terror. I dreamed of my own funeral. It was horrifyingly real. That was my turning point. That did it for me. It gave me the spiritual strength to start my new life, as a fearless, young, black, female, and foreign born in Manhattan.  

What happened next when you decided to create your own destiny? 

My dream was to have my own streaming network someday. At that time, the realities of being penniless, and a black woman without any support, all alone in a big city, resulted in immense hurt and pain. In an ironic twist, that feeling of devastation, became the force to go full throttle. I felt propelled to conquer my ambitions and dreams. This was a dramatic twist, where all my heart’s desire had just moments before, felt unattainable. 

You are an incredibly a strong person. How did you feel at that point? 

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At that point, labels, judgements, and others’ assumptions, completely washed away.  I had previously internalized expectations of being. Young, Inexperienced, Black and Foreign Born, and with big unrealistic and foolish dreams. I now knew that this was the roadblock, stopping my journey to success. And, instead, I found the strength to start my first business with a friend. That was my beginning of this new and exciting road.  

What advice do you give to young entrepreneurs starting in the business world? 

My advice is to follow your heart, dreams, and ambitions. Hard work, and a resilient and positive mindset, are essential. What you might think is weakness, is really strength and uniqueness. Failures are lessons for new opportunities. And every “no” you hear, closed door you experience, is fuel to propel yourself forward. My experience is not just a lesson in overcoming racial bias and cultural/family conditioning…. But I’ve come to realize, that we all have our own special brand of obstacles. And, in order to shine, determination and hard work are the tools, and faith in one’s own self, and one’s own gifts, are essential.

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