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Discover The Phenomenal Force Behind LA’s Top-Rated Nightly Newscast: Meet Ariana Tejero, The Emmy-Winning Journalist Taking The World of TV Broadcasting by Storm

Discover The Phenomenal Force Behind LA’s Top-Rated Nightly Newscast: Meet Ariana Tejero, The Emmy-Winning Journalist Taking The World of TV Broadcasting by Storm

From her early days as a 15-year-old intern at a Miami TV station to her current role as senior producer for a 24/7 hyperlocal cable network, Ariana Tejero has been making waves in the world of journalism and TV broadcasting. With a passion for live TV and an unmatched creative approach to the news, Ari and her team keep viewers entertained and informed with in-depth coverage of local events, sports, weather, and features. But Ari’s talents don’t stop in the newsroom. She’s also a sought-after speaker and representative for careers and recruiting within the network, bringing her expertise to panels and advertisements alike. Outside of work, she is a mentor to aspiring journalists, frequently hosting students for shadowing experiences.

With a background that includes internships at NBC Palm Springs and CNN, as well as a summa cum laude graduation from Loyola Marymount University, Ari is a true multi-talent. From her work as a published theatrical critic to her role as a fellow at Loyola Law School, she continues to shine and impress. And with LA TV Week naming her one of the “40 Under 40 in Media” for their inaugural west coast chapter, there’s no doubt that Ari’s star will only continue to rise. Get to know the one and only Ariana Tejero, the hottest talent in the world of journalism and TV broadcasting.

For our Lavish Life Magazine audience, could you share with us what inspired you to achieve such remarkable success in your career, Ariana? 

Gosh, remarkable success is quite the flattering descriptor. Definitely still growing and have so much to learn. Nonetheless, mentorship inspires me. I am grateful for industry leaders who look out for me; the ability to pay that forward, also, in turn, inspires me. What makes me most happy is spending time with young people, the future of our industry.

Ariana, could you shed some light on the difficulties you faced starting your journalism career at such a young age? 

I happened to be in the right place at the right time, adding, with the right skills. Thankfully, managers have taken me seriously very young, too. As I continue to meet kids through the Tiger Woods Foundation and Kollab Youth, I cannot say I encountered many difficulties in comparison. I have never met such determined, brilliant kids, who have faced adversity, but persevere. That being said, it is not all perfect all the time. For example, chances are I will phone my mom tonight with some petty drama like, “All my hair is falling out (again)!”. The journey continues, and deep down, I am still a kid in certain ways because I was successful (relatively speaking, of course) quite young, as you write.

Could you share with our Lavish Life Magazine audience your aspirations and future goals? 

Thanks so much for asking this. My long term goal used to be that of studio executive. My vision has changed big time in the past five years. I am more service-driven now, less competitive. I would like to run an education-based nonprofit, ideally helping kids tell stories in a financially sound way. My experience as an advisory board member for The Collective Identity, a nonprofit linking young girls with industry mentors, taught me education is ultimately where my heart is. However, I want to be hands-on in the classrooms, in the studios, spending time with the youth, rather than on a board.

What words of advice would you offer to aspiring young journalists who aim to begin their career in television, radio, and broadcasting? 

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Tips: 1) Seek out a mentor, through LinkedIn or at events. a) Then, ask to get coffee; most people like to talk about themselves. b) Maintain a relationship with said mentor. 2) Communicate well, as in, respond to every email. 3) Follow up, and follow through. 4) Fact check. Fact check. Fact check. 5) Avoid typos. Always have a second set of eyes on all written work, even messages. 6) Work on deadline (i.e., Finish all homework on a Friday night to have the whole weekend free). 7) Read absolutely everything in detail, and comprehend. 8) Learn every job possible in the industry, to be well-informed and to have empathy. 9) Pay it forward. Volunteer. Realize blessings at a young age.

As we wrap up this insightful interview with you, Ariana, it has been a true pleasure to learn about your incredible achievements. We hope to have the opportunity for another interview in the future. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers in Los Angeles and beyond? 

Likewise. Thanks so much for spending time with me. Thank you for the compliments. I would say LA-specific, to be careful of the culture of materialism here. I definitely fell into that trap the first time I drove down Rodeo Drive at a very young age. The finer things in life are wonderful, as you feature so beautifully, and well-deserved as long as for the right reasons. For example, I interviewed an author once who waited years to purchase a dream handbag; that motivated her and still does. I totally love that and can relate. However, for me, at the end of the day, I find, a new handbag is only a high for a few hours, until I am back home that same night looking for the next (dangerous!). Self-fulfillment is different for everyone. I wish this interview sparks ideas for viewers. I would also like to impart wisdom (for beyond LA): Do not pursue a passion, as antithetical to my whole backstory as that sounds, but rather maintain that passion on the side, in addition to the day to day that enhances a favorable talent. This advice totally changed my world because I realized, at the time, I was not sure what my passion even was. These are my final two thoughts. 

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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