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Salt Bae’s Internet Value: How The Viral Chef Constructed His Culinary Fortune

Salt Bae’s Internet Value: How The Viral Chef Constructed His Culinary Fortune

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The man, the meme, the meat maestro — Nusret Gökçe, famously known as Salt Bae, has built an impressive net worth on the foundation of flamboyantly seasoned steaks and viral fame. His meteoric rise showcases the power of building a unique personal brand and a global hospitality empire.

With his signature salt-sprinkling flourish, a penchant for theatrics and outrageously priced steaks, Salt Bae (born Nusret Gökçe) has stirred up both fascination and controversy in the culinary world. His restaurant chain, Nusr-Et, has become a global phenomenon, drawing celebrities, socialites and those in search of an opulent dining experience.

All about Salt Bae’s net worth and how he built it

Early life and rise to fame

Nusret Gökçe was born into a Kurdish family in Erzurum, Turkey. His financial circumstances forced him to leave school at a young age and begin working as a butcher’s apprentice in Istanbul. Years of dedicated work and an unwavering passion for his craft laid the foundation for his future success.

Salt Bae’s rise to global stardom began in 2017 when a video of his flamboyant salt-sprinkling technique went viral on social media. He capitalised on his newfound fame, turning his charismatic persona and unique steak preparation methods into a lucrative brand.

What is Salt Bae’s net worth?

As per celebrity wealth tracker Celebrity Net Worth, Salt Bae’s net worth currently stands at an impressive USD 80 million (INR 662 crore approx.)

Nusr-Et: A global steakhouse empire

The cornerstone of Salt Bae’s fortune is undoubtedly his Nusr-Et restaurant chain. What began as a single steakhouse in Istanbul in 2010 has blossomed into a global empire. His viral fame in 2017 accelerated this expansion, with Nusr-Et locations rapidly opening in major cities worldwide.

Nusr-Et restaurants are known for their luxurious ambience, attentive service and, most notably, their high-priced menu. A gold-plated Tomahawk steak, for instance, can easily set diners back by GBP 700. In January 2024, he shared an image of a bill totalling an outrageous AED 39,8630. This fits Salt Bae’s persona, reinforcing the image of his restaurants as catering to high-spending clientele.

salt bae
(Image: Courtesy of Nusr_et#Saltbae/ Instagram)

The recent reports of Salt Bae’s London restaurant generating astronomical profits have only further solidified his status as a culinary magnate. According to financial filings, the Nusr-Et restaurant in London’s upscale Knightsbridge neighbourhood brought in GBP 7 million (INR 73 crore approx.) in profit in the first four months of its operation alone. This astounding figure underscores the massive earning potential of the Salt Bae brand, particularly in affluent markets.

Beyond the restaurants: Salt Bae’s expanding empire

Salt Bae’s entrepreneurial ventures extend far beyond steakhouses. His iconic image has become a highly marketable asset, propelling a diverse range of business endeavours.

Merchandise: Salt Bae capitalises on his viral fame by selling branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and even his signature salt blend and seasoning. These products are available on e-commerce sites like Red Bubble, Etsy and Amazon.

Endorsements: He occasionally does brand endorsements as seen on his social media channels.

Social media powerhouse: Salt Bae’s impressive social media following, particularly on Instagram with almost 54 million followers, provides fertile ground for lucrative advertising partnerships.

Real estate: While not a lot is known about Salt Bae’s real estate properties besides his restaurants, he owns a luxurious apartment within his iconic Park Hyatt Istanbul – Maçka Palas hotel. According to The Sun, he bought the hotel in 2019 and moved into his apartment in the same year.

The lavish five-star hotel underscores his connection to the property and Istanbul itself, exuding both history and modern luxury. In the heart of Istanbul’s stylish Nişantaşi district, the hotel dates back to 1922 and was once a haven for intellectuals and artists. Salt Bae’s touch is evident in the world-famous Nusr-Et steakhouse at the restaurant, where guests savour his signature dishes.

As expected from a hotel of this calibre, the nightly rates reflect its exclusivity and the luxurious amenities on offer. Beyond the culinary delights, the hotel offers a traditional Turkish spa experience, a haven of relaxation with soothing steam rooms, rejuvenating scrubs and the chance to experience a centuries-old wellness tradition. For those seeking a more contemporary spa experience, the hotel offers a full range of pampering treatments.

Inside Salt Bae’s garage

Salt Bae’s car collection reflects his larger-than-life personality and his taste for luxury. One of his prized possessions is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, an ultra-luxurious SUV known for its smooth ride, opulent interior and iconic Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.

Salt Bae has also been spotted cruising in Mercedes-Benz models, including a sleek G-Wagon. This boxy SUV boasts powerful off-road capabilities, spaciousness and an undeniable air of status.

Salt Bae net worth
A Rolls-Royce Cullinan. (Image: Courtesy of Rolls Royce)

His collection seems to favour exclusivity and power. For example, he reportedly owns a Lamborghini Huracán, a supercar renowned for its blistering speed, precise handling and attention-grabbing design.

Salt Bae’s garage likely changes over time, but it consistently showcases his penchant for extravagance and high-performance vehicles that mirror his own larger-than-life persona.

TV appearances

Salt Bae has also made several television appearances — guest spots in popular shows like Narcos and most notably, Showtime’s Billions. His appearances often remain true to his brand, showcasing lavish lifestyles and extravagant dining experiences. While sometimes brief, his cameos contribute to pop culture’s fascination with his unique character.

Philanthropic efforts

Salt Bae also has a history of philanthropic activity. He funded the construction of a school in his hometown of Erzurum, Turkey. Additionally, he established other community facilities such as a library, a mosque and a computer lab.

More recently, he made headlines for his efforts to provide aid to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey. He set up mobile kitchens capable of feeding thousands, offering some measure of support and sustenance during a time of crisis.

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Salt Bae with the late Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona. (Image: Courtesy of Nusr_et#Saltbae/ Instagram)

Whether you admire his entrepreneurial spirit or scoff at his extravagant pricing, Salt Bae’s impact on the culinary and social media landscape is undeniable. He has transformed his passion for meat into a global phenomenon, demonstrating the power of personal branding and viral marketing in the digital age.

(Hero and Featured images: Courtesy of Nusr_et#Saltbae/ Instagram)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Why do they call him Salt Bae?

Salt Bae’s nickname comes from his iconic, flamboyant way of sprinkling salt over his steaks. In a viral video from 2017, his distinctive cobra-like motion and theatrical flourish with the salt captured the internet’s attention. The term “Bae” is slang for ‘babe’ or someone attractive; hence, it stuck.

– Who is the CEO of Salt Bae?

Born Nusret Gökçe, he is likely the main figure behind Nusr-Et (his chain of restaurants), which implies a CEO-level of control. But his businesses fall under the umbrella of D.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management). Ferit Şahenk is the chairman and CEO of the Doğuş Group.

– Who is Salt Bae and why is he banned?

Salt Bae hasn’t faced a complete ban from any one place, but his actions have led to some restrictions. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup final, he violated rules by pestering players on the field, drawing criticism. This resulted in a ban from the US Open Cup final match.

– Is Salt Bae a real chef?

Whether Salt Bae is a “real chef” depends on how you define the term. He undeniably possesses a deep knowledge of meat, its preparation and a flair for presentation. His path to success began as a butcher’s apprentice, giving him years of hands-on experience. However, he lacks traditional culinary school training, leading some critics to argue that his success hinges more on his showmanship and business acumen than refined culinary technique.

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