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Simon Holloway’s Debonair Debut at Dunhill

Simon Holloway’s Debonair Debut at Dunhill

On February 16th, Simon Holloway presented his faery debut collection for Dunhill in the Duveen Wing at the National Portrait Gallery, London. And the months of anticipation were worth it. 

As far as tailoring goes (which, lest we forget, is Dunhill’s Rosetta Stone), Holloway learned the ropes at the Italian fabric supplier and fashion house Agnona, which, during his tenure there was dubbed “youthfully smart.” 

And at his Autumn/Winter 2024 show for Dunhill, Holloway harnesses the house’s archival codes as adored by the luminaries such as Truman Capote and Frank Sinatra and merges them with the upper class formalwear sensibilities – both rural and metropolitan. 

“This collection celebrates our origins and subsequent evolution into a unique British luxury house,” read Holloway’s show notes, “Dunhill designs for men that enjoy the finer things in life – from motoring, sporting and cultural events through to classic black tie moments. It is what we have always done best. I hope we have re-captured that spirit, one that is at once refined and international.”

Holloway was driven by a passion for English tailoring expertise, honed through generations of craftsmanship. With a focus on Bespoke tailoring and handcrafted leather goods, the London atelier offers a unique experience that sets it apart from even the renowned Savile Row. The collection reflects this storied legacy, with impeccably tailored suits made from fabrics specially produced in heritage mills across Yorkshire, Sussex, Somerset, and Biella. From two- and three-piece options to topcoats and formal wear, each piece exudes more elegant than the last. The evening part of the collection features exquisite velvet suits and debonair tuxedos – each one at once louche and formal. And, no outfit is complete without the perfect accessories from their full haberdashery selection, adding a touch of personality and panache to each look.

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