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The Row Margaux Bag; Every little thing You Must Know About The New Quiet Luxurious Staple

The Row Margaux Bag; Every little thing You Must Know About The New Quiet Luxurious Staple

As seen on just about every A-list celebrity in the past year, The Row’s emerging icon, the Margaux bag, has been a topic of much fanfare in the sartorial community.

A sizeable measure of this interest in the Margaux can likely be credited to the rise and rise of last year’s new-found obsession with stealth wealth ala Succession and inadvertently, the return of the ludicrously capacious tote bag. But with the bag’s prominence in fashion now inching ever closer to critical mass, there has never been a more opportune time to dissect this impending cult classic piece.

Inherently distilling the very essence of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s vision for quality apparel and nonchalant style (as evidenced by the frequent appearance of their thoroughly seasoned matching Kelly bags), the Margaux remained relatively under the radar for quite some time after its debut, serving as one of the industry’s most beloved secrets (as intended) until recently.

All you need to know about the Margaux bag by The Row

Introduced back in 2018, the brief that The Row had for the Margaux was relatively simple: to create a luxurious, dependable, durable, but above all, fashionably subdued carry-all that will last through the years. By that measure, the bag has succeeded in leaps and bounds since becoming incorporated into the brand’s permanent line of heirloom accessories.

a photo of a black the row margaux bag
Image credit: The Row

Keeping to stealth wealth staples, the Margaux bag by The Row stays true to the aesthetic’s key tenet of sartorial conservatism and lacks any ostentatious indications of branding on its exterior. Designed in a half-moon bowling-bag adjacent shape, this open-mouthed tote is carried on two handles that can be worn on the shoulder in larger iterations with a more generous drop length.

The Margaux also features belted gussets with buckle details on the side, which serves to tighten the bag’s sides for a neater look, not unlike the sangles found in the perennial classic Hermès Birkin.

a photo of a caramel the row margaux bag
Image credit: The Row

Given its insistence on practicality, this tote bag is generous in its capacity, regardless of sizing. An open section, which can be cinched together by way of a lobster clasp, is lined with contrasting fabric to make sifting through personal belongings more convenient. Pockets on the bag’s side further add to its functionality, with a zippered section ideal for precious keepsakes.

Sizes and leather options

As for sizes, The Row offers these covetable bags in a vast array of dimensions, starting from the smallest Margaux 10, followed by the Margaux 12, Margaux 15, and finally the Margaux 17 bags respectively, with each succeeding number denoting the length of the bag in inches.

The smaller Margaux 10 and Margaix 12 bags come shipped with a crossbody strap, whereas the Margaux 15 and Margaux 17 bags feature longer handles that allow them to be worn tucked under the arm. While leather choices aren’t nearly as abundant as one may expect, staples such as smooth calf, pebbled calf, and suede calf leathers are all available in the Margaux range, in mostly subdued neutrals that have become a Row hallmark.

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You may opt to shop for a Margaux of your own from The Row’s official website and have it shipped to you. Expect to pay a pretty penny for the privilege of owning one, with even the entry-level Margaux 10 coming in at a princely $3,490.

Feature and hero image credit: The Row

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