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Trendy Leads Performed by Park Min-young Who Drove The Plot Ahead in Fashion

Trendy Leads Performed by Park Min-young Who Drove The Plot Ahead in Fashion

Over the course of her wildly successful career, one of the most popular Korean actresses has stepped into the shoes of a diverse set of characters. We’re talking secretary, art curator, and even weather forecaster — each with their own sets of quirks and backstories. The only thing that ties them together? A wardrobe worth raiding. Here’s a look at a few Park Min Young characters whose style has fashion experts impressed.

Besides well-written storylines, rounded characters, and high-production values — if there’s something Korean dramas can be banked on for, is its impeccable taste in fashion. Outfits — particularly that of the leads — play an important role in establishing the mood, personality, and history of the character. Tune into any show and you’re bound to be served with fire looks in spades. Some of the more popular of these feature actress Park Min-young.

The star is known for her passion for clothing herself, “I love fashion, and used to dream of being a designer; so I’m still interested in it,” she told Hindustan Times. Her characters echo this sentiment, with many serving up the most chic office looks. Here’s a look at Park Min Young’s characters whose styles are faultless.

Park Min Young’s characters who had the best sense of style

Sung Deok-mi: Her Private Life

Park Min Young K-drama characters fashion style

In this romantic comedy, Park Min Young plays Sung Deok-mi — an art curator who moonlights as an ardent fan of a K-pop idol. By night, she’s in stealth mode, dressing in hoodies and sweats — all black, of course so as to not draw attention to herself. By day, however, she’s serving up, chic fashion moments. In the spotlight? Feminine power suits with cinched waistlines, structured shoulders, and relaxed trousers that allow her to stand out without being too flashy. While her go-to is monochromatic black and white shades, she also experiments with pastels and the occasional bright tones like magenta. She also mixes things up with flared tops and dresses.

Kim Mi-so: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Park Min Young K-drama characters fashion style

In this cult-classic romantic comedy, the actress steps into the shoes of the capable and diligent Kim Mi-so — secretary to an arrogant and high-functioning CEO. In the show, her wardrobe spells understated classic — featuring an assortment of bright pastel chiffon blouses and pencil skirts. The former is marked by elegant tie-necks, minimalist buttons, and mellow ruffles. She brings flowy dresses — bold hues in the evenings, feminine shades in the mornings. This low-key approach extends to the jewellery she sports — dainty necklaces, sleek hoops, threaders, and studs — by brands like Tiffany and Co., Cartier, STONEHENgE. Completing this look are bags from Dior, Chloé, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, and Hermés, sleek updos, and high heels.

Kang Ji-Won: Marry My Husband

Park Min Young K-drama characters fashion style

A new lease on life gave Park Min Young’s character in this revenge-romance-thriller a bold taste in fashion. We’re talking sharp cuts, monochrome-solid co-ords, off-shoulder blouses, layered mini dresses, cropped jackets, short tweed skirts, the works. Popular brands featured include ROCCI ROCCI, JOHNNY HATES JAZZ, LOEWE, BAU by Bride And You, Cartier, Avouavou, and more. Fashion enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of her black and gold mini dress by Valentino, complemented by an ivory shoulder bag of the same luxury brand. Her classic trench coat by Alexander Mcqueen raised quite a few eyebrows in appreciation as well. Glamorous chic was the name of the game in this show — symbolic of the bold, unfettered approach of the protagonist herself.

Jin Ha-Kyung: Forecasting Love And The Weather

Park Min Young K-drama characters fashion style

As the newly-appointed director of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) plays by the rules and means serious business. And her outfits are reflective of this — with classic cuts, power suits, and sophisticated silhouettes. Blazers are aplenty — in pastel to dark hues — and often paired with midi skirts, flared silk pants, tailored trousers, and button-up shirts. Complementing these ‘fits are bags from luxury brands including Givenchy as well as jewellery by the likes of BVLGARI.

Choi Sang-eun: Love In Contract

Park Min Young K-drama characters fashion style

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In ‘single life helper’ Choi Sang-eun, who attends important occasions as the spouse of single people — Park Min Young found her most fashionable on-screen persona. Almost every other episode had an iconic look that left fashion enthusiasts impressed. This includes a pink Miu Miu tweed jacket and A-line mini skirt coord, a form-fitting Balmain striped-sequin dress, and ALAIA flared skirt and crop top combo. Vibrant, bold, and effortlessly chic — she always puts her most stylish foot forward, with every detail just right. This includes bags by J.ESTINA, Dior, and Saint Laurent as well as accessories from HEI and Stephen Webster as well as pumps from Valentino.

Which of these Park Min Young characters do you think had the best taste in fashion?

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