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Two Males Are Heading to Jail After Posing as Ferrari Consumers in Failed Theft

Two Males Are Heading to Jail After Posing as Ferrari Consumers in Failed Theft

It’s not just that crime doesn’t pay—it also comes with some hefty consequences.

Two men in England have been sentenced to serious jail following a failed attempt to steal a Ferrari last year, according to Road & Track. The sentence comes after the duo was found guilty of using a fake gun to try to make off with the Italian sports car.

The failed robbery took place in September of 2022 in Northamptonshire. After spotting the unidentified Ferrari for sale online, Mohammed Ali and Muhamed Juwara reached out to its owner feigning interest in buying the vehicle. Once a deal had been reached, they agreed to meet the man at his house in Kirby-in-Ashfield where they would complete a purchase of the vehicle.

The unnamed Ferrari owner would soon regret not being more cautious. Once at this house, Ali and Juwara held the man at gunpoint with what would turn out to be an imitation firearm and ordered him to put on handcuffs. Before that could happen, though, the man’s partner got involved and a struggle ensued, with the woman hitting one of the culprits over the head with a vase, according to Northamptonshire Police. The woman then tried to call police, but one of Ali and Juwara grabbed her phone before she could. The duo fled from the house with the phone, but without the Ferrari they’d come for in the first place.

It would take authorities 48 hours to find and place the two men under arrest. During the investigation, they also uncovered evidence that implicated Ali in a similar incident in July of that year. That time, Ali, working alone, is said to have “conned” into an unnamed man’s house in Gloucestershire under the pretense of buying his Lamborghini and then forced him to handcuff himself after pulling out a gun. He then made the man wire him thousands of pounds before taking off with his supercar, but not before taking a photo of the bound victim and saving it to his phone. Ali was implicated in this crime after police found the image while examining his device.

Ali would end up being charged with two counts of robbery, kidnapping, attempted robbery and two counts of having an imitation firearm with intent to commit an indictable offense. He pleaded guilty to all charges, except for one robbery, which he was found guilty of. Last Friday, he was sentenced to 18 years in jail. Juwara, meanwhile, was charged with attempted robbery, which he admitted to in court, and was sentenced to nine years in a young offenders institution.

Source: Robb Report

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