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Exclusive Interview With Bliss Car Wash – The Heart Of A Green Business

Exclusive Interview With Bliss Car Wash – The Heart Of A Green Business

Bliss Car Wash is a Los Angeles-based chain of eco-friendly, express car washes, with 9 locations in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The company was founded by Vahid David Delrahim, a businessman committed to bettering the planet through green, ethical, and conscientious business practices. Delrahim and the Bliss management team share a “more is more” philosophy about giving back to the communities in which they do business. The entire team cares deeply about where they focus their energy and time. They believe that to contribute meaningfully is to look around closely in one’s community while remembering the greater planet and its plight.

In fact, every year, Bliss provides the Malibu Fire Station 88, Agoura Hills Fire Station 89 and the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station a catered Thanksgiving dinner. Delrahim says that the Bliss employees truly take pleasure in recognizing those first responders who are away from their families on a national holiday. Bliss is an environmentally focused car wash chain, so it makes sense for them to donate a freshwater well to Wells Bring Hope, each time they open a new car wash. Wells Bring Hope provides freshwater wells and economic stability to villages in Niger, the world’s poorest country. The need in Western Africa for wells is dire, and the ability to provide them changes lives exponentially and for generations. Delrahim says it makes his team feel fulfilled to help others as the business grows.

The team also likes to involve their Guests & Members. One year, all the Bliss Car Wash locations held a Veterans Day promotion for the Wounded Warrior Project. During the promotion, all 9Bliss Car Washes in Southern California collected donations from customers, and Bliss matched the funds. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the Bliss team participated in the adopt a meal at The Los Angeles Mission in December of last year. The company donated funds and helped to prepare and serve the meal to those who could use a nice sit-down lunch. At their car wash locations they also collected socks, the most requested items for those in need, and delivered them to The Mission. 

Last Earth Day, about 100 students from Ulysses S. Grant High School in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles enjoyed an in-class lecture from a NASA scientist. Julia Asnadi, Bliss’ Social Media Specialist arranged the special session as a gift to the community, marking the opening of its new, eco-friendly car wash in the neighborhood. Follow them on Instagram to stay in touch and learn more!

When they’re not helping in their communities, the staff at Bliss ensures that cars are cleaned responsibly, using products that are biodegradable and safe for the environment, while conserving water. “We are in the midst of a serious drought in California, and we all must do our parts to help preserve our most precious resource,” said Delrahim.

The Bliss Car Wash company uses technology that constantly monitors freshwater usage, keeping it down to approximately 24 gallons of freshwater per car, and using 70 percent reclaimed water. Bliss also utilizes low-energy-consuming machinery.

“Folks may believe they can conserve water by washing their car at home, but they are actually wasting more than they may realize. The average person uses 100 gallons per car wash at home, and it’s highly unlikely that many people are capturing and recycling water, which we do at Bliss daily,” Delrahim said.  “At Bliss, we save 55 gallons of water per car. Based on our estimations, we save enough water for one thousand people per year,” he added.

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Home car washing means that water, with the soap, contaminants, and chemicals, runs off driveways and into the local waterways, unfiltered. Water reclaim systems, such as the ones at Bliss, capture soapy water in floor drains as it runs off cars and then put it through a filtration tank that removes chemicals and contaminants that have been washed off the cars. The water is then recycled. Whether conserving natural resources or helping in the community, Delrahim believes bettering the world through his business is essential. Where he can implement new solutions to society’s climate challenges, as well as build a better quality of life for his communities, he will. He has an optimistic view about his ability to make a difference, and his team shares it.

To meet the team, anyone can visit a Bliss Car Wash which offers premium unlimited-wash memberships at a great value and boasts of friendly, attentive “water warriors” to assist.

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