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Exclusive Interview With Emmy Winner & Hollywood Celebrity Kira Reed Lorsch:  Actress, Producer & President of RHL Group

Exclusive Interview With Emmy Winner & Hollywood Celebrity Kira Reed Lorsch:  Actress, Producer & President of RHL Group

Kira Reed Lorsch started in the entertainment business as an actress and television host.  She has evolved her career into an Emmy winning producer and independent film production company.  This talented star has written and produced hundreds of hours of news magazine programming, produced a dozen films and television series, and has acted in over 100 movies and TV shows. Her latest RHL Group productions include the feature films Acts of Desperation and Beckman.  She executive produced and stars in the new drama series Rumors that took top honors at the 2022 Indie Series Awards including: Best Ensemble and Best Supporting Actress for her role as “Ellen”- an acting teacher to young Hollywood.  

Rumors also won Best Drama Series at Film Fest LA at LA Live 2022 where she hosted the Women in Media panel as part of the Kash Hovey and Friends film block.  Look for this gifted superstar in We Kill for Love (2023), the new documentary about the lost genre of the erotic thriller, and Jax Malcolm’s upcoming horror film The Listening.

Can you tell our Lavish Life readers how you started in the entertainment industry? 

I came to Hollywood via UCLA School of Theater Film and Television and first made a name for myself as a reporter/producer for Playboy.  I used what I learned at “The Bunny” to leverage my career as a producer and continue to act in many genres through different stages of my life including a Daytime Emmy nominated turn on The Bay as “Jo Connors”. 

Kira what are your greatest challenges? 

My challenge has been to make the most of the opportunities that are given me and to keep growing and adapting as the industry changes and my place in it shifts.  Being passionate about what I choose to do and being able to reinvent myself time and again have been key factors in my success.  

You are truly an inspiration.  Can you tell us your dreams and goals? 

My goal is to keep making movies and tv shows that meaningfully connect with viewers and that are satisfying to me as an actor and/or producer.  With experience, I have become more selective and learned to conserve my energy for projects and people that truly light me up.

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Before this interview comes to an end, do you have any final words or advise for the many entrepreneurs, new actors and our readers?

My advice is to love what you do and know the value of what you bring to the table.  Surround yourself with supportive people on similar paths, like my friend Kash Hovey, and keep moving forward by doing the next right action toward making your dream a reality.

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