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Exclusive Interview With The Businesswoman, The Model, The Activist: Simonetta Lein on Making An Impact

Exclusive Interview With The Businesswoman, The Model, The Activist: Simonetta Lein on Making An Impact

Meet Simonetta Lein, the Italian-American fashion icon, writer, millennial activist, and one of the most influential figures in the world according to Forbes. Born and raised in the northern part of Italy, Simonetta has been a staunch advocate for women’s rights and a voice for the voiceless. She currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. As the founder of The Wishwall Foundation, Simonetta has dedicated herself to addressing social issues such as literacy, poverty, and women’s safety. Her international project, The Wishwall, has helped make wishes come true for people all around the world.

Simonetta’s impressive resume includes modeling for the likes of Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair Italy, and Cosmopolitan. She has also worked as a columnist for Vanity Fair Italy, La Repubblica, and La Voce Di New York, and has contributed to publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post USA. Her book, Everything Is Possible: A Novel About the Power of Dreams, published by Sperling & Kupfer in 2013, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering others and herself. As a top model, she has graced the pages of major publications and has walked the runway at Madison Square Garden and New York Fashion Week.

Simonetta is the CEO and co-founder of Ausonia Partners, a media and public relations agency based in Pennsylvania. She has also been cited as one of the top 5 fashion and social media influencers. In 2017, Simonetta starred in the pilot of an Influencer Reality Show called Brick & Portal Weekend: NYC Chapter with Anjelika Kour and Heidi Nezarudin. And in 2018, her work at The Wishwall Foundation was extended to a television program called The Wishwall, which is now available worldwide on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Roku and is distributed by the FNL Network.

Simonetta is also the host of the world-renowned #1 celebrity TV Show on Instagram, The Simonetta Lein Show. She brings entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and top executives to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. With a prominent profile on Instagram, Simonetta has amassed more than 14.5 million followers, and she continues to grow her following by demonstrating her commitment to making a positive difference in Philadelphia and all around the world.

Simonetta can you please describe to our Lavish Life readers the challenges you had during your journey to achieve success? 

Challenges are my best friend lately. I love to see my inner growth when I face them. It is like a game to me where every time I am able to fix a challenge I pass to the next level. Everything can go wrong all the time; life is so unpredictable and exterior events can discourage us. What I have learned especially these last few years is to take a deep breath and stay calm and fix one thing at a time. This was what my dad used to tell me as a child. I didn’t fully grasp that teaching until now. Moreover, the more you stay confident, the more things start flow. And when the obstacles come, as they will, you show them you are a more mature human being every time getting better at it. To face challenges, I had to heal my mental health and accept that I am not always perfect, but I enjoy this new me. One step, one breath. 

Tell us what is your ultimate dream and goal? 

My ultimate dream is to balance family time and work. Being such a busy public figure, I had to learn how to shut it off at a certain time to maintain healthy boundaries. It’s not always easy. There are times when work stays with me also at night, or early in the morning. My husband doesn’t appreciate that, so he taught me perseverance in my daily goals and forced me to take some time for myself. 

Can you describe in your own words how you measure success?

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I measure success in terms of always seeing constant growth. It can be an inner growth and tangible. These last years have made everything in the “outside” world more complicated. So, I focus on being calmer, probably wiser. I understand my parents and grandparents much better now. This is ultimately reflected in the external success. All we can do is look within, that glow makes everything else flow. As well I put a lot of actual work into everything I do, and I oversee every single project. From The Simonetta Lein Show to the magazines covers to brands campaigns, awards and so on. No one can do things better than yourself and as well you cannot do everything. So, success is also finding a balance between trusting your team and putting your final touches on all you do all the time. 

Simonetta, what advice do you give to young entrepreneurs starting their careers in the business world? 

Whatever entrepreneurship career you might endure, you will have days where everything goes well and others when you feel totally discouraged. The secret is to keep on going. Be humble and say yes to projects. Be in the YES mindset, the more you put yourself out there, the more people you will meet, and collaborations will arise. Advocate for yourself and your brand all that you can. Stay true to your brand and if you do not feel like you have one, work with experts or alone to develop that identity. It is your business card; people will recognize you for that. It comes naturally to say that if you want to have a successful brand you must work on yourself.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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