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Exclusive Interview With The Talented Persian American Entrepreneur Sahar Alishahi Founder of Shopping Palooza in Los Angeles

Exclusive Interview With The Talented Persian American Entrepreneur Sahar Alishahi Founder of Shopping Palooza in Los Angeles

Lavish Life magazine is honored to interview Sahar Alishahi an extraordinary renowned entrepreneur from Los Angeles, her self made success story and spectacular lifestyle is an inspiration to many in her community. This popular entrepreneur is totally adored and admired by everyone who ever has crossed her path because of her positive energy, generosity and extravagant fashion style.

Sahar Alishahi has a very interesting background she was born in Tehran the capital of Iran but had to leave her country with her family at the age of 15 years old moving to Beverly Hills a city in California’s Los Angeles County known to be home to many elite Hollywood stars . It was very challenging for Sahar to leave Iran and begin a new life in Los Angeles, at first she hardly knew anyone in Los Angeles especially when attending Beverly Hills High School, but because of her unique charisma and wonderful character she became one of the most popular students at her school  everyone loved her. In 1993 at the age of 18 years old she met the love of her life Dariush Pourrahmani who was attending Santa Monica college, she invited him to her prom and later after that on March 5th , 2000 she married Dariush at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel in Down town Los Angeles , since then these sweethearts have been inseparable living a true love story.

In 1994 Sahar graduated from Beverly Hills high school class, after that she decided to attend Bryman College Los Angeles campus  where she also successfully graduated in 1997. Sahar has always been a big advocate of good causes, supporting her community and being passionate about helping raise awareness of the newest products created by talented entrepreneurs in her community, therefore she came up with a unique concept named Shopping palooza which turned extremely successful, it has been described as a diverse event to exhibit local businesses and talented entrepreneurs to showcase their products, network, helping them maximize their exposure.

Sahar Alishahi outstanding exhibits have been making constant headlines in the media. Shopping palooza has been described by many media outlets as a rare opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to meet & greet elite shoppers who appreciate unique products and quality services. At shopping palooza attendees find themselves in an immersive experience of shopping & entertainment with carefully hand-picked variety of vendors showcasing their exclusive products & services all gathered in one place to create an extraordinary day, along with talented musical entertainers, artists, food and variety of beverages.

Sahar can you tell the Lavish Life readers what were your challenges when you first moved to Beverly Hills?

My biggest challenges was the cultural shock & language barrier.

Tell us how did you meet your husband  the big love of your life ?

Thank you for asking this question, it’s a funny coincidence I met my husband Dariush at a Persian concert performed by an iconic artist also named Dariush.

How did your parents react when you first told them that you wanted to get married ?

My parents were overwhelmed with joy because in our culture marriage is very sacred.

What inspired you to come up with the idea of Shopping Palooza ?

I always wanted to help small local businesses and to support my community, to create a fun day along with meet & greet and with great music.

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Any advice you want to share with the many young entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses ?

My advice to all the young entrepreneurs is it’s never to late to start following your dreams, never let obstacles discourage you, be positive and keep on shining, in order to be successful you need to hustle. Your dreams are your biggest investment !

It was a pleasure interviewing you Sahar, any final words before we end this interview ?

I want to thank Lavish Life magazine for this wonderful interview, I am grateful for having this opportunity to share my story with your Los Angeles readers and the many ones around the world.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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