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Watch Brian Cox Recount The Story of ‘Tekken’ So Far

Watch Brian Cox Recount The Story of ‘Tekken’ So Far

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The year is off to a great start as Brian Cox lends his gravitas to tell us the story of Tekken so far. Absurd? Yes. Awesome? Definitely.

If there’s one thing Tekken is known for, it’s that it’s absurd. There’s the family drama that involves Devil Genes, a lot of throwing each other off cliffs, and a panda and a log that can somehow fight. Anyone who isn’t familiar with the game will think it’s bonkers. Anyone who is a fan of the game will know it certainly is.

As if the sheer ridiculousness of the whole franchise isn’t enough, Bandai Namco released an interesting video a few days ago. In anticipation of Tekken 8, the video gets you up to speed on the story of the franchise so far. But it’s not just video footage from past games edited together. No, this video is narrated by none other than Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox.

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Brian Cox tells us the story of Tekken so far

Image credit: Bandai Namco

Scottish actor Brian Cox is a legend. He’s classically trained, has won two Olivier Awards and several others, and has acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre. He’s also fresh off the hit TV show Succession, where he played the domineering Logan Roy. The show had an awards sweep at the recent Emmys, winning six of the categories it was in.

So to see this iconic thespian against a green screen background saying the words “King of Iron Fist Tournament” and “Tekken” is quite jarring. That’s not to say it’s not utterly entertaining. The juxtaposition of the ridiculousness of the story and Cox’s impeccable delivery and enunciation of names like “Heihachi Mishima” is something I can watch over and over again—and I did. 

“Every single fight, no matter how big or small, has a story behind it,” the actor says with a delivery that makes it seem like it’s straight from King Lear. “That’s why when it comes to Tekken and the King of Iron Fist Tournament, there’s one hell of a story to tell.” And man, does he tell it in the only way he can. 

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Watch the full video in all its glory below. 

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