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A First Look Inside The Glitzy New Lana Dubai, Dorchester Assortment’s First Center East Resort

A First Look Inside The Glitzy New Lana Dubai, Dorchester Assortment’s First Center East Resort

The Dorchester Collection has set foot in the Middle East for the first time with its opening of The Lana – a brand new five-star hotel in Dubai that offers guests a chance to see the city from all angles. We get a first look inside.

“You’re about to see the landscape change – watch this,” points out our guide as we drive out of Dubai city and towards the desert surrounding the metropolis. Right on cue, I notice the modern high-rises which line the roadside quickly falling away, rapidly replaced by scenes of undulating sand dunes, sun-bleached shrubbery and the occasional convoy of camels.

The drive into the Middle Eastern wilderness takes me to the Platinum Heritage desert base, from which I embark on a safari of the undeveloped terrain surrounding the hyper-modern city we have just left behind. Offering visitors a chance to take in the scenery and spot wildlife from a vintage Jeep, sample local Arabian delicacies served in a bedouin tent and learn about the Emirati sports of camel riding and falconry, this high-end cultural tour is one of many activities that can be arranged for guests staying at the lavish Lana Dubai, a newly opened hotel by Dorchester Collection.

The Lana opens in the heart of Dubai

Located in Downtown Dubai, The Lana represents the Dorchester Collection’s first foray into the Middle Eastern continent. The most densely populated city of the UAE is well-known for offering a plethora of stellar hotel choices, but this project looks beyond simply providing another glamorous place to rest one’s head.

Conceptualised and managed by Dubai developers OMNIYAT, The Lana is the first step in curating a new phase for the Downtown neighbourhood.

the lana dubai hotel by dorchester collection
Exterior of The Lana Dubai, which marks Dorchester Collection’s first foray into Middle East. (Image: Dorchester Collection)

Alongside 225 rooms and suites, the hotel offers the district eight new food and beverage outlets and the first Dior Spa in the UAE. It also brings with it a neighbouring development of 39 private residences, each of which includes a concierge from the hotel.

“Standing in Marasi Bay Marina, The Lana marks our dedication to transforming the area into the ultimate luxury enclave in the heart of Dubai,” explains OMNIYAT founder Mr. Mahdi Amjad.

Exploring the luxurious hotel

When I return from my day in the desert, I am greeted by the sight of The Lana’s burgundy-liveried doormen and the hotel’s matching Rolls Royce parked out front. Having seen Dubai from its sandy ground, staying at The Lana now allows me to view this futuristic city from up above. The towering construction – built by Foster + Partners architects – stretches up 30 floors, with each of the bedrooms overlooking the city from private balconies. On the top level, an infinity pool extends seamlessly towards the skyline, staring directly at the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The 30th floor is also where High Society is located. With a menu curated by celebrity chef Jean Imbert, this poolside eatery functions as a breezy lunch spot for dining on fresh salads and truffle-infused tidbits during the day, before transforming into a vibrant rooftop bar at night. Imbert has also crafted the menus for Riveria, a Mediterranean restaurant serving everything from healthy breakfast bowls to tabbouleh and veal parmigiana inspired by family recipes.

As guests descend down The Lana, they will find yet more restaurants created by esteemed culinary celebrities – notably the Basque-themed Jara by Martín Berasategui, and Angelo Musa’s Parisian-inspired Bonbon Café patisserie. Cigars and spirits can be enjoyed at the secret speakeasy Txakolina, while the cosy enclave of Bitter Honey serves up creative cocktails infused with sweet nectars sourced from local hives.

Each eatery has a slightly different styling – ranging from light and marbled to masculine and wood-finished. The interiors are the work of designers Gilles & Boissier – the same duo behind New York’s Baccarat and Ritz Carlton hotels as well as the Mandarin Orientals in Madrid and Marrakech. There’s an almost Art Deco feel to the hotel’s bold styling, but the overall look is much more subtle than what guests might expect from the “City of Gold”. That being said, Sophie Coryndon’s gigantic gilded honeycomb sculpture, hanging in the lobby, ensures that there is still that sense of Dubai bling in the hotel’s design.

Alexandre Hulen, director of sales and marketing at The Lana, aptly describes the hotel as “a collection of all the best bits of the Dorchester Collection – from the iconic afternoon teas to the special rooftop.” It doesn’t take me long to notice these familiar elements – the dapper doormen in top hats and tails look to be transported straight from The Dorchester in London, while the touches of pastel pink throughout the interior are undeniably reminiscent of the distinct hue which decorates The Beverley Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Lana is the 10th hotel of The Dorchester Collection, but it’s the first venture for the brand within the Middle East. It also happens to be the first new opening from the collection in over a decade, which begs the question; why here, and why now? The answer, explains the brand’s director of marketing and communications Carlotta Cavallari, is actually quite simple. “We were looking at where our most important, UHNWI (ultra-high-net-worth individuals) guests were based and where they were travelling to, and we felt Dubai was an opportunity not to be missed.”

Cavallari’s statement is backed up by the official report of Dubai tourism, which recorded a record-breaking 17.15 million overnight visitors last year – a 19% increase from 2022. According to Euromonitor’s most recent statistics report, Dubai was the second most visited city in the world in 2023, overtaking famously popular hubs like Paris, Bangkok and New York. According to Cavallari, the appetite for what The Lana has to offer can be evidenced by the fact that most of the private residences next door have already been snapped up by new buyers.

The Dorchester Collection may have had a 10-year hiatus from new developments, but the unveiling of The Lana seems to suggest a new chapter is opening for the brand. Commenting on the opening, Christopher Cowdray, president of Dorchester Collection, said, “As Dorchester Collection welcomes its first guests in the Middle East, we are entering a new era in our company history.”

This new era, it would appear, seems to have a particular focus on Asia. As Cavallari hints, the brand is now “looking at Asia in a big way,” hoping to attract more guests from the region – and has already set its sights on a new property in Japan, due to open in 2028.

The Lana hotel is located at Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai UAE. More details here.

(All images unless otherwise stated: Dorchester Collection)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– When did the Lana Dubai open?

The Lana Dubai officially opened its doors and welcomed hotel guests on February 1, 2024.

– Who is the general manager of the Lana Dubai?

The hotel’s general manager is Richard Alexander.

– Who is the architect of the Lana Dubai?

Foster + Partners architects are behind its design.

– How many rooms does the Lana Dubai have?

The Lana Dubai has 225 guest rooms.

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