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Anastasia Zhouk a Luxury Fashion Expert Sharing Her Inspirational Success Story With Lavish Life

Anastasia Zhouk a Luxury Fashion Expert Sharing Her Inspirational Success Story With Lavish Life

Anastasia Zhouk is a luxury fashion and beauty expert who has dedicated her life and success to helping women look and feel glamorous. She moved to Los Angeles, CA in her early twenties with a big dream and aspiration, she got accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for their Product Development program. Later she began her career styling clients at Christian Dior, the elite French luxury fashion house that was led by John Galliano at that time. Anastasia Zhouk built a solid career in the fashion luxury and beauty sector with iconic fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Versace, and Burberry. Anastasia’s ability to offer a personalized styling experience tailored to each client individually helped her build meaningful connection with her clients that enhanced customer loyalty for the companies she worked for and with that Anastasia was able to build and manage a portfolio of clients that generated over a million dollars in revenue yearly. Anastasia’s road to success was proven with hard work, drive, and passion to make a positive impact within the luxury fashion and beauty industry.

Anastasia Zhouk, please tell the Lavish Life readers what exactly inspired you to enter the luxury fashion and beauty world?

I was born in the far east of Russia and immigrated to the United States in the mid 90s with my family. During my childhood, I developed a love for fashion and beauty at an early age. That admiration for beauty and style began with observing my grandmother who was a local designer specializing in women’s clothing based on the latest runway trends for the socialites of the city. Growing up around my grandmother, exposed me to learn about gorgeous high-quality fabrics such as light-textured silks, wool interwoven with lurex tweeds, hand-embroidered crochet, richly decorative brocades, and soft velours. Learning about pattern making, texture and drapery of the fabrics on women’s bodies, I developed an understanding that fashion is about people and how you make them feel. Part of my success working with a different type of clients, whether it is dressing celebrities for Golden Academy Awards or working with international clients around the globe for their daily wardrobe needs, I understood how to build relationships with my clients, establish loyalty and trust along the way so my clients would return to me for my fashion and beauty expertise.

Tell us about your experience working with the Versace brand at their Beverly Hills signature boutique?

While working with the Versace brand, for five consecutive years I was in the top five best styling professionals nationwide for the company. The portfolio of clients I’ve worked with over the years, included A-list celebrities from the Hollywood movie and music industry. I collaborated with stylists for the fashion magazine shoots and business entrepreneurs in various industries.

Tell us the story about what made you move to Dubai?

As digital marketing for the luxury fashion and beauty brands started to be on the rise, while managing fashion retail brands, I graduated with a Marketing degree from a local business school in Los Angeles and continued my journey of evolving within the beauty industry. As I was ready for my next career switch, I wanted to get global experience by living abroad and expose myself to a new culture and fresh perspectives on how I can add value to consumers in the luxury fashion and beauty industry, so I moved to Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tell us about your experience during the Pandemic while living in Dubai?

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The pandemic has been an eye-opening experience for me because I’ve learned how Dubai’s designers empower around sustainability in fashion and beauty and what a positive impact on the environment it has for people. With that experience, I’m fortunate now to grow with a sustainable community and manage digital marketing for a clean sustainable beauty brand, VOESH New York, the modern luxurious spa experience at home, salon, and anywhere in between.

What advice would you give to young professionals who are entrepreneurs interested in the luxury fashion and beauty business?

One piece of advice that I would give young professionals who want to start their journey in the luxury fashion and beauty sector is to start learning about sustainability in the early phase of their career and think about how their business can implement sustainable practices and make a positive change in luxury beauty world. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to set up a sustainable luxury fashion label, a designer who is just starting, or someone who wants to study the luxury fashion and beauty industry, you can be a leader in any sector if you genuinely care for people and are consistent on providing value to your clients. Don’t be afraid of a change, stay open-minded and network within the industry will be very rewarding for the success of growing your brand. Remember that success comes to those who become a success conscious.

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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