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Exclusive Interview With Marjan Brooke Mamooie a Global Leader in Marketing Luxury Services 

Exclusive Interview With Marjan Brooke Mamooie a Global Leader in Marketing Luxury Services 

Marjan Brooke Mamooie is a talented successful Realtor with Sotheby’s International who has a passion for luxury homes and lavish lifestyles. As a former Canadian franchise owner with Iranian roots, she moved to sunny Southern California making her permanent home in beautiful Brentwood, a suburban neighborhood in the Westside region of the City of Los Angeles. She has had an impressive 20 year combined career in sales both at W.I. Simonson Mercedes in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills Mercedes catering to high profile clients which include professional athletes, and A list celebrities. 

As a second-generation realtor, Marjan Brooke Mamooie was destined for luxury. Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Marjan was first introduced to real estate by her grandfather who was a developer and her father who is a reputable realtor. She joined Sotheby’s International Realty to peruse her passion and love for real estate. Impressively she has always been involved in luxury sales with top brands for over 30 years which earned her numerous awards and global recognition in the competitive real estate industry.

Her success has led her to develop numerous borderless connections, including over 5,000 transactions resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume. As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer survivor, she is heavily involved in local, national and global philanthropic efforts, including Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Previously she was one of the Chancellor’s at the City of Hope, Los Angeles raising money for cancer research and education. 

Marjan has also worked as a producer with the late Ken Kragen on his humanitarian project called “Hands Around the World” to bring upon awareness to the global warming crisis through music and technology. She is also a trusted medical device consultant and distributor selling implants and surgical products for cosmetic procedures working with the most prestigious plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills . In her free time she enjoys discovering historical, notable properties throughout the city of  Los Angeles. 

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