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Exclusive Interview With Nicolas Jebran an Iconic International Fashion Designer Known Globally For His Heavenly Haute Couture Seen On Endless List of Hollywood Celebrities

Exclusive Interview With Nicolas Jebran an Iconic International Fashion Designer Known Globally For His Heavenly Haute Couture Seen On Endless List of Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood , California

Lavish Life Magazine is honored to interview Nicolas Jebran an iconic international fashion designer from Lebanon famously known worldwide for his breathtaking lavish haute couture designs and creations which have been worn by Royalty , a long list of celebrities and Hollywood stars such as Beyoncé at the Grammys , Celine Dion , Lady Gaga , Paris Hilton , Cardi B , Sofia Richie , Maya Diab , Cindy Crawford , Kendall Jenner , Jennifer Lopez , Carrie Underwood . Mariah Carey and Bella Hadid at the Bulgari event in Venice .

His dresses have been spotted endlessly on supermodels , star performances and at Miss Lebanon Beauty Contests , Former Miss Lebanon Perla Helou chose a Nicolas Jebran custom made dress dress for her final walk and Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy was crowned in a stunning Nicolas Jebran Dress .

Beyoncé has worn Nicholas Jebran at the Grammys , Cardi B chose a custom made Nicolas Jebran royal inspired magenta velvet dress to the VMA when marking her first postpartum public appearance. Mariah Carey made a stunning performance in a Nicolas Jebran dress. International superstar Cindy Crowfard has been seen posing in a Nicolas Jebran for her photoshoot , the list of superstars goes on .

Nicolas Jebran is a true unique success story , he was born on September 14 , 1974 in Beirut Lebanon . From an early age Jebran showed interest in art and wanting to seek his own career path to be a designer of glamorous luxury fashion . During his childhood years his dedication , vision and passion for art lead him to fashion school , later he entered the competitive fashion industry introducing his mind blowing designs which made him become an international star in the Fashion World .

It all started In 1999 when Jebran took part in “The Art Studio “ one of the first star-maker talent shows in Lebanon and the Arab world , he won second place in the fashion category , the audience instantly fell in love with his fashion designs and his concept . Later in 2000, he established his fashion house in Abu Dhabi, UAE and a fashion house in Beirut. The collection brand he created displaying his extraordinary haute couture designs & creations was called “Jebran” .

Jebran designs became famous and a red-carpet favorite all around the world . His spectacular creations had stolen the Show at his Paris Couture Week Debut in the French Capital . Nicolas Jebran styles and techniques vary from embroidery and laser cuts to combining different kinds of fabric. His cutouts in the fabric are extremely unique , unique molds handmade in his fashion house , taking months to be finalized , he is a true craftsman and perfectionist . Nicolas Jebran is recognized worldwide and in the Arab world for his futuristic vision , talent and unique styles with spectrum colors from heaven which have won him endless local and international awards .

Lavish Life readers would like to know more about your unique Haute Couture vision?

“ My vision has always been Creating themed outfits, making designs that can tell a complete story , inspired by nature, by architecture and fascinated by the utmost details in creation “

Your creations are mind blowing , what words can you share with Lavish Life readers?

“ it’s a matter of perspective of admiring the greatness of reflecting the culture and of acquiring traits that keep you moving “

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Tell us how did you enter the world of fashion becoming an international icon?

From an early age since I was a child I loved art & designs . I have been extremely fortunate that my love for art and design lead me to attend fashion school in Beirut , from that point the door opened for me into fashion world . 

What are the aspects which give you inspiration to create fashion masterpieces and becoming an international fashion star all around the world?

Thank you Lavish Life Magazine for the kind words , I believe what gives me inspiration to make my fashion and designs is to have futuristic thinking & interpretation of fashion. I always loved and had passion for creating themed outfits and making designs that can tell a complete story .

By Lavish Life Publication Editorial Team

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